What does Lahi la illa illa llah Muhammadu mean?

2 “Lahi la illa llah Muhammadu rasul la llah” literally means: No god but the god and Muhammad is messenger of the god. 52 Islam Reviewed out of their language.

How do Muslims define Allah?

Muslims use the remotest language possible to describe Allah. They try to make him as transcendent as possible in order to discourage people from conducting research on him. If you ask a Muslim to define Allah, he will just beat about the bush, ascribing attributes to him that neither belong to him nor befit him.

Is Allah a Hausa word?

Some even argue that Allah is an Hausa word. They are pitifully wrong. Before Islam was introduced to the Hausas in the 14th century, the Hausa name for the supreme being was “Ubangiji.” That is a truth that many Hausa men can still confirm. So why was Allah substituted for Ubangiji?

What is the meaning of Alayhis Salam?

Alayhis Salam (Arabic: عليه السلام) Peace be upon him. This phrase is often abbreviated to “as” – Applies to the Archangels (Gibraeel عليه السلام, Mikaeel عليه السلام etc ) as well as any other Prophet (with the exception of Mariyam عليه السلام) before RasulAllah sws (Isa عليه السلام, Musa عليه السلام, Ibrahim عليه السلام etc) only.