How much does infield clay cost?

Product Prices & Quantities:

Unit Price
Per Yard: 50/50 Mix $54.00
Per Yard: 60/40 Mix $56.00
Per Yard: 70/30 Mix $61.50

What type of clay is used for baseball fields?

On baseball fields calcined clay is used to fill in infield depressions caused by cleats and smooth the surface to provide a true baseball bounce, which contributes to the safety of the field. Calcined clay absorbs water that can help dry a field after a rainstorm, and firm the surface.

What is the best dirt for a baseball infield?

Ideal mix for baseball and softball fields consists of approximately 40% clay/silt and 60% sand.

What is infield dirt made of?

The infield mix—what most of us would think of as just dirt—is made up of a very precise combination of sand, silt, and clay, and comes in a variety of colors and compositions depending on the performance required and the cost.

How much does a yard of infield mix weigh?

approximately 2,500 pounds
Coverage: One yard of the Infield Mix covers an area 9 x 12 three inches deep. Weight:1 cubic yard of the Infield mix weighs approximately 2,500 pounds.

What is mound clay made of?

The infield mix is about 60 percent sand, 30 percent clay, and 10 percent silt. The bagged mound mixes you can buy from suppliers vary widely. Some of these mixes come partially moist, some are almost muddy, and others are dry as desert sand. Take note of this when you’re sourcing the clay for your pitcher’s mound.

What is packing clay?

Turface® Packing Clay is a competitively priced, high-performance option for your mound and plate areas: Clay-silt mixture bonds quickly and packs tightly to help streamline installation. Highly durable, long-lasting performance and wear resistance.

What is the red dirt on baseball fields?

Baseball fields used to be packed with clay, which turned rock hard in the sun and melted into a slippery mess after a downpour. Today major league clubs often use a sports dirt mix called Beam Clay, made by Partac Peat Corp.

What kind of dirt does MLB use?

For Major League Baseball, the infield mix is a bit different: 55 percent sand, 30 percent clay, and 15 percent silt. The key to these three components existing in a Field of Dreams harmony is the moisture level associated with the mix.

How deep should infield mix be?

Lucky Beaver Professional Infield Mix should be put down to a depth of 3” – 6” on a standard infield renovation. Once laid evenly, we suggest watering your infield with ½ inch of water, rolling it with a 1000 pound roller to achieve proper compaction, and then laser grading it out at 1/2%.

What is infield mix made of?

What kind of clay do you use for a baseball field?

Baseball Field Infield Mix Clay. For baseball fields, we offer our super, all natural baseball clay mix, which is 50-60% clay and 40-50% sand.

Where can I find baseball field clay in Massachusetts?

Our baseball field clay can be custom blended to suit your needs. The Sheffield Clay deposit is located in Sheffield, Massachusetts, on U.S. Route 7 in the Southwest corner of Berkshire County. It is situated in the Housatonic River Valley, 60 miles southeast of Albany, New York and 60 miles northwest of Hartford,…

How much clay do I need to make a baseball stop?

Ideal baseball clay contains 30-40 percent clay, more than that and the field would be too hard, less than that will make the ball stop to quickly. Q: How do I calculate how much material I need?

What is the best clay to use in Central Florida?

Clay comes in many different forms. The most common form of clay requested in Central Florida is red baseball clay. Red clay is not really “red” but a deep orange color.