Can you garnish with orange zest?

This colorful garnish livens the flavor of any dish that it adorns. The concentrated orange flavor is a perfect topping for ice cream, custards, or fruits. Wash oranges thoroughly. Carefully trim zest (orange outer layer of peel) in wide strips using a small knife or vegetable peeler.

What are citrus garnishes?

Lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit garnishes can be used to add an extra hint of citrus to your drinks, even the essence of the citrus expressed over your beverage can add that bright hint of fruitiness. Using lemons and limes as our examples, here are 5 classic citrus cocktail garnishes to help get you started.

What can you make with Old Overholt?

  1. Sazerac cocktail with Old Overholt. Sazerac Cocktail.
  2. Manhattan cocktail with Old Overholt. Manhattan Cocktail.
  3. Boulevardier cocktail with Old Overholt. Boulevarider cocktail.
  4. Old-fashioned cocktail with Old Overholt. Old-fashioned cocktail.
  5. Whiskey Sour cocktail with Old Overholt.
  6. Boston Sour cocktail with Old Overholt.

Which way do you cut oranges?

Using a sharp paring knife, carefully hold the orange in your hand, cut downward between the membrane and the segment. Once you reach the center of the orange, stop and make a second angled cut in a similar way. And the segment should pop right out.

How do you cut citrus garnishes?

We use a paring knife and start at the top of the fruit to cut down the fruit slowly and carefully in a long strip sized way in a circular motion. Cut your citrus in half the long way and then in quarters or eights to make wedge garnishes. You can slit and slide onto the rim or simply toss into your cocktail.

What drink has Old Overholt in it?

About Old Overholt Rye Whiskey

Founder: Abraham Overholt
Year Founded: 1810
Master Distiller / Blender: Fred Noe, Master Distiller

How do you garnish an orange?

So, today my friends, you get 5 EASY ways to garnish with an orange. First up, the classic orange peel twist (seen above). Using a citrus peeler, peel a long, thin piece of orange rind at least 4 inches long. Carefully coil around a toothpick or something similar.

How to serve an orange on a fruit tray?

Another very easy way to serve an orange on a fruit tray is to cut it into slices. I decorated the center with a flower from the peel and garnish it with mint greens. 5. How to Make Rose Flower from Orange For Fruit Tray

What is the best fruit to garnish a cocktail?

Our first installment of our Guide to Garnishes series will show you when and how to use citrus to garnish cocktails. Citrus fruits are by far the most common form of garnish and they hold the highest honor for good reason, they are the most versatile both in terms of flavor and presentation.

What is a citrus garnish used for?

Citrus is a tangy fruit that gives the right amount of punch needed in any drink that you make. You can use it in margaritas, dark and stormies and even Bloody Marys. A citrus garnish can also be used in classic drinks and the most visual element has always been the way it is attached on the rim of the glass.