Who is the commander of LAPD SWAT?

Captain Leland G. Sands
LAPD Metropolitan Division

Metropolitan Division
Current commander Captain Leland G. Sands
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How long does it take to become a LAPD sergeant?

four years
Police Officers are eligible to compete in the Police Sergeant or Police Detective examinations after four years of service. Promotion from Police Officer may be either to Police Detective or to Police Sergeant.

How do police get promoted?

Step 1 – achieving competence in current rank. Step 2 – examination of law and procedure. Step 3 – local selection process and matching to vacancies. Step 4 – temporary promotion (12 months) and a work based assessment leading to a professional qualification in police management.

How many police officers does LAXPD have?

About LAXPD Los Angeles Airport Police (LAXPD) is the largest police agency in the United States dedicated exclusively to 24-hour airport activities. LAXPD is the 4th largest law enforcement agency in Los Angeles County with over 530 sworn police officers serving Los Angeles International Airport and Van Nuys Airport.

When did the LAPD start working at LAX?

A group of LAPD officers was permanently assigned to work with the airport guards, called special officers, after a new passenger terminal opened at LAX in 1961. The state Legislature granted the officers limited peace officer status to help with voluntary passenger screenings in 1968, when more airplane hijackings occurred.

Why is lax getting a new police station?

Just as LAX is modernizing and preparing for more travelers expected during the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles and the city’s possible hosting of the FIFA World Cup in 2026, we will finally have a new airport police station with the necessary space, equipment and technology to better protect the traveling public.

Is LAXPD hiring?

LAXPD Is Hiring! With Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in the midst of a $15 billion modernization effort to accommodate increased passengers, LAXPD is taking another step to keep up. It’s hiring!