What is a Victorian garden party?

What began as a common gathering among the elite, held on the lavish lawns of mansions, transformed into more accessible outdoor entertaining. From small cottages and cabins to local parks, the garden party became an event for all to celebrate the splendor of nature, games, culinary creations and more.

What is a garden party called?

A social occasion with special entertainments or performances. gala. celebration.

What is an English garden party?

An outdoor tea party event brings people of all ages together to enjoy beautiful spring weather and each others’ company. Marquee’s event experts share their tips and ideas for a garden tea party in the classic English style.

What did Victorians grow in their gardens?

Flowers. Trawling the world for the bright and beautiful, the Victorian garden would be filled with hollyhocks – tall with spikes of rosette blooms, snapdragons, asters, chrysanthemums, yellow and red calceolarias, marigolds, pansies, violas, hyacinths, lilies, irises, sweet peas and red hot pokers.

What is another word for backyard?

What is another word for backyard?

yard terrace
garden lawn
patio courtyard
grass play area
back yard patch

What do you call a house party?

Synonyms of house party

  • bake,
  • clambake,
  • cocktail party,
  • hen party,
  • housewarming,
  • icebreaker,
  • kaffeeklatsch,
  • kegger.

What flowers were in Victorian gardens?

Gardens were filled with dianthus, lilacs, pansies, lilies, geraniums, heliotrope, wisteria, honeysuckle, hollyhocks, forget-me-nots and roses. The Victorians preferred their roses large, full and strongly scented and usually grew them on arbors or trellises.

What did a Victorian garden look like?

What does a victorian garden look like? A Victorian garden looks like a space that showcases ‘new’ plants introduced in the Victorian era, explains Rosie Fyles. There was a return to a more formal garden style with garden beds and parterres filled with colorful and exotic species of plants.

What does a yard mean in slang?

one billion
A “yard” is a financial slang term meaning one billion. It is used to avoid confusion with the words million or trillion when making a trade.

How do you plan a Victorian-style birthday party?

Photographs or printouts of Victorian people: You can borrow old photos from your family members or simply print out random photos from online, frame them, and set them up around the party area. Hanging small teacups from a chandelier is such a lovely idea! For your party, you’re going to want to put a large amount of focus on the food and drinks.

What do you call the food at a Victorian party?

If you are serving heavy foods at your party such as meat and cheese sandwiches, salads, etc., you’ll want to call your menu a “High Tea” menu, while lighter foods such as just desserts can be referred to as “Low Tea,” according to Victorian custom. Victorian-themed food should be light and sweet.

How do you throw a Victorian-style tea party?

Hanging small teacups from a chandelier is such a lovely idea! For your party, you’re going to want to put a large amount of focus on the food and drinks. The menu is super important because in actual Victorian times, the women would gather around a table specifically for tea and snacks.

What do you bring to a Victorian party?

The colors pink and white, lace, and roses. As you can see in the pictures below, these seem to be the motif of most Victorian-inspired parties. You’ll want to make sure you have tea sets, or at least a tea set for the main table or centerpiece of some kind.