Is Olympus Pen a rangefinder?

Olympus has taken the wraps off its new flagship compact, the PEN-F, borrowing the styling of its first ever PEN and packing it with on-camera creative features.

Is the Olympus PEN-F still available?

One of the brand’s most beloved cameras, the original Olympus PEN-F was apparently discontinued in February 2019 and has disappeared from many retail outlets.

Can you video on an Olympus camera?

Olympus cameras have significantly better video capabilities than your conventional webcam. That, and the ability to control things like exposure and aperture, will add some reliability to your streaming setup.

Does Olympus PEN have flash?

Olympus PEN-F Flash The PEN-F comes bundled with the Olympus FL-LM3 compact flash unit which is capable of bounce/swivel.

Does Olympus Pen EE have flash?

Some cool things about Olympus Pen EE (1961) You might also notice that the Pen EE does not come with a flash shoe. Adding a flash unit for use on the camera is by means of a cold-shoe bracket that straps over the camera back while being attached to the tripod socket.