How much is parking at Aylesbury?

Off-street parking

Location Operator Price
Coopers Yard Aylesbury Vale District Council £1.00 / hour
Friars Square Friars Square Aylesbury £1.50 / hour
Whitehall Street Aylesbury Vale District Council £2.50 / 5 hours
Friarscroft multi-storey car park Aylesbury Vale District Council £3.00 / 16 hours

Is parking free in Aylesbury on Sundays?

Parking costs. Sundays and bank holidays: £1.50 (all day)

Do you have to pay for parking in Aylesbury?

Coach parking spaces are available at Aylesbury Bus Station, Great Western Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP20 2QF. Please telephone 01296 483169 in advance to book. Parking is free of charge.

Is there parking at Aylesbury Crown Court?

Aylesbury Crown Court is a parking lot in Aylesbury.

Does Amersham station have parking?

This IS NOT a Park & Ride Car Park. There is a minimum charge of £ 0.60….Amersham Station Car Park Information.

Location Amersham-on-the-Hill
Postcode HP6 5AW

Can you park Aylesbury Crown Court?

There are no parking facilities at this building, however paid off site parking is available within 500 metres in the Walton Street Car Park, Aylesbury HP21 7FZ.

How much is parking at Amersham?

Off-street parking

Location Operator Price
Amersham Multistorey Chiltern District Council £0.70 / hour
Civic Centre Chiltern District Council Free / 30 minutes
Chiltern Avenue Chiltern District Council £0.70 / hour
Chiltern Pools Chiltern District Council £0.70 / hour

How much does it cost to park at Amersham station?

Amersham Station Car Park Information

Location Amersham-on-the-Hill
Telephone 01494 732252
Website Amersham Station Car Park Website
Minimum cost £ 0.60
Park & Ride? No

What area is Aylesbury in?

Aylesbury, town (parish), Aylesbury Vale district, administrative and historic county of Buckinghamshire, southeast-central England. The town lies at the centre of a rich clay vale and serves as the county town (seat) of Buckinghamshire.