How do you say my love in Assyrian?

Key to abbreviations: m = said to men; f = said to women; pl = plural (said to more than one person)….Useful phrases in Eastern Assyrian.

English Lishana Ashuraya (Eastern Assyrian)
I love you Ki Bayyinakh (m>f) Ki Bayyanoukh (f>m) Maghbinnakh (m>f) Makhbannoukh (f>m)

What do Assyrians speak?

The official language of the three main Assyrian churches is Syriac, a dialect of Aramaic, the language Jesus would have spoken. Many Assyrians speak Aramaic dialects, though they often speak the local languages of the regions where they live as well.

How do you say welcome Assyria?

A collection of useful phrases in Eastern Assyrian, a Afro-Asiatic language spoken in Iraq, Syria, south east Turkey and north west Iran….Useful phrases in Eastern Assyrian.

English Lishana Ashuraya (Eastern Assyrian)
Welcome “B’shena Teeloukh (m) Teelakh (f) Teelokhoun (pl)

Is Aramaic and Assyrian the same?

Local unwritten Aramaic dialects emerged from Imperial Aramaic in Assyria. In around 700 BC, Aramaic slowly started to replace Akkadian in Assyria, Babylonia and the Levant. Widespread bilingualism among Assyrian nationals was already present prior to the fall of the Empire.

How do you say my heart in a Assyrian?

Libee khleesele; My heart is squeezed.

How do you say dog in Assyrian?

How to Say “Dog” in Different Languages

  1. Arabic = kalb.
  2. Aragonian = gos.
  3. Aramaic = kalba.
  4. Armenian = shun.
  5. Arrernte (Western) = kngwelye.
  6. Assamese = kukur.
  7. Assyrian = kalbu.
  8. Asturian = perru.

Is Assyrian a dying language?

A dictionary of the extinct language of ancient Mesopotamia has been completed after 90 years of work. Assyrian and Babylonian – dialects of the language collectively known as Akkadian – have not been spoken for almost 2,000 years.

How do you say Happy New Year in Assyrian?

A warm and appealing Happy New Year wish image in Assyrian. Say Sheta Brikhta to all your friends, family members, love, colleagues and everyone with this greeting card.

Is the Assyrian language different from Persian or Arabic?

In terms of language, Assyrians speak various dialects of Syriac and Arabs speak various dialects of Arabic. There are many Iraqi Assyrians who know Arabic (it’s the official language of Iraq) and do not know Syriac because they were simply never taught.

Is Assyrian the same as Aramaic?

YES. Syriacs, Arameans, and Assyrians are really the same people, the indigenous peoples of Syria, Iraq, southern Turkey, and parts of Iran who retain their historic Christian religion despite having been under Islamic regimes for over a dozen centuries. The difference between them is more a question of which Church they belong to.

What does the name Assyrian mean?

– Emmanuel – meaning ‘God with us’ – Jean – meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’ – Michel – meaning ‘who is like God?’ – Frederic – ‘peaceful ruler’ – Macron – meaning ‘ short, straight, horizontal mark’

What does the word Assyrian mean?

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word assyrian. A person who resided in the ancient region on the Upper Tigris river, with capital city of Assur. A citizen of an ancient nation and empire, including the northern half of Mesopotamia, with capital city of Nineveh.