Do magazines still have cologne samples?

You can find free perfume samples in many women’s and fashion magazines. If you already receive one of these magazines, make sure that you flip through it and look for free perfume samples.

What are perfume samples in magazines called?

Fragrance advertisers are finding new uses for the strips these days; it’s called cross-sampling. A woman buying stockings may find a fragrance strip tucked into the package or one hanging with her new dress.

What magazines have the most perfume samples?

Among magazines, Hearst’s Cosmopolitan ran the most ad pages with scents or samples at 48, followed by fellow Hearst title Elle and Time Inc.’s InStyle, each with 42 pages. “The best way to have women buy fragrance is to have them smell it,” said Donna Kalajian Lagani, senior VP-publisher of Cosmopolitan.

How do they put perfume in magazines?

Scented inserts are used to sell perfume and can be found in magazines and department stores. They are usually folded pieces of paper that has a kind of glue holding it closed. When you unfold it, the glue pulls apart and releases the fragrance.

Can you get samples of perfume?

Perfume samples are a great way to try a different scent without spending a lot of money or committing to one luxury brand. You can buy perfume samples to use as a backup of your favorite scent, to bring along when traveling by airplane or in the car, or to try a new designer perfume that you might like.

How do I put scent in paper?


  1. Take your desired piece of paper put it on a piece of news paper.
  2. Open your perfume.
  3. Spray the paper until it is damp with perfume (do not get it too wet or it will wrinkle).
  4. Let it dry.
  5. Use it as needed. If you make a number of sheets, you can make a stationery set as a gift.

Why do magazines smell good?

Manmade chemicals then, like permanent markers and modern printer inks, are a way for us to relive our idealised pasts. Conversely, perhaps another explanation could be that the “hot off the press” smell denotes the magazine or book’s “newness”, thus coding it as an inviting thing to be explored.

Are perfume samples free?

Ask at a Department Store Nordstrom is a goldmine for free fragrance samples, especially during a Scent Event when you can receive deluxe sized scents to try. Beauty specialty shops like Sephora will pour you a sample vial upon request so don’t feel shy.

How do you use perfume samples in paper?

Use your perfume sample as an odor eliminator by dipping cotton balls or tissue paper in the perfume and placing it at the bottom of your trash before you add the bag. A paper sample from a magazine is a good alternative to the cotton balls or tissue.

How do I ask for perfume samples?

Ask at a Department Store Visit the makeup counter at your favorite department store and ask for a fragrance sample. It’s not considered déclassé to ask for a freebie; that’s what samples are there for. Usually these will be new product drops that fragrance houses want out in the world.

Why are there no advertisements for Cologne in magazines?

The advertisements were chosen based on their subject matter. If they had anything to do with the fragrance industry, they were selected. There were a few advertisements for men’s cologne throughout both women’s magazines; however, they were not coded because they didn’t align with the research questions.

What kind of ads are there in Cosmopolitan magazine?

As described in the previous chapters, the Cosmopolitan and Rebook magazines are crammed with sexual advertisements, most of them being perfume advertisements. Models in perfume advertisements are usually shown with open shirts, tight fitting clothing, while touching, kissing, and embracing.

Are perfume ads in magazines overly sexualized?

Most perfume advertisements placed in magazines are overly sexualized. Women are the most targeted in sexual content advertising. Women are mainly represented as sex tools in advertisements playing minor roles. There is no major difference between advertisements portrayed in Cosmopolitan and Redbook

What was the first perfume advertising campaign?

In 1975, The Fragrance Foundation voted Jovan’s Musk Oil advertising campaign the “most exciting and creative national advertisement campaign” (Reichert, 2003). Until Jovan’s brazen advertising campaign, perfume ads had been subtle about the seductive powers of their perfumes.