Did Jackie Chan do his own stunts in Shanghai Knights?

He told Metro newspaper: “I do my own stunts most of the time, that’s what audiences expect from me. “I used doubles in a few shots but I do over 90 per cent of my stunts. “But I think action for me is still easy. “Doing stunts us what I am best at.”

Who did their own stunts in Shang-Chi?

Simu Liu trained extensively to perform many of his own stunts for Shang-Chi, including the bus fight sequence near the beginning of the movie. How many of the stunts and fight scenes in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings did Simu Liu do himself?

Has Jackie Chan used a stunt double?

Jackie Chan has admitted that he uses doubles for some of his stunts, but claims it’s only when necessary. The 48-year-old action star was responding to allegations in the South China Morning Post that he used seven stunt doubles for his latest film, The Tuxedo.

Is Jackie Chan still doing stunts?

At 66, Jackie Chan is far from retiring from dangerous stunts. As this scene from Chan’s latest action film “Vanguard” shows, the actor is still taking on dangerous stunts like a Jet Ski chase scene in heavy rapids – which nearly drowned the legendary stuntman.

Are Jackie Chan’s stunts real?

He uses stunt doubles way more than he admits to. He even fake outtakes to exaggerate his injury using footage done by his stunt doubles. Growing up in Asia, I’d see his movies playing on TV pretty much on any given day just flipping through channels.

Did Jackie Chan really slide down a skyscraper?

In the 1998 action film co-written and co-directed by Chan himself, the actor slides down a 21-story skyscraper without the help of a safety harness. Chan even manages to get up on his feet and run a few steps down the side of the building.

How did Simu Liu become a stuntman?

Liu initially worked as an accountant at Deloitte but was dissatisfied with his career and was eventually laid off. He began to explore other career options and decided to pursue a career as an actor and stuntman.

Does Jackie Chan still do his own stunts 2021?

Does Jackie Chan do his own stunts? Jackie Chan is known for doing his own stunts, although he does use stunt doubles for particularly perilous moves.