What is the price of gold today in Toronto?

Todays Gold Rate in Toronto in US Dollars

Qty 24Ct Gold Rate 21Ct Gold Rate
1 Gram USD 62.03 USD 54.27
1 Tola USD 723.52 USD 633.03
8 Grams USD 496.25 USD 434.18
10 Grams USD 620.32 USD 542.73

How can I sell my gold in Canada?

TD Canada Trust customers can sell their precious metals at any TD branch. To sell your items you would need to call a TD branch that is most convenient for you and schedule an appointment to sell your items. The branch will assess the items to determine if the items are fit to be sold back and will provide a quote.

Where can I find gold in Toronto?


  • Hamilton Gold. 99 John Street S. Hamilton, ON.
  • Toronto Gold. 829 Bloor Street W. Toronto, ON.
  • Mississauga Gold. 8 Thomas Street. Mississauga, ON.
  • Ottawa Gold. Westgate Shopping Centre: 1309 Carling Avenue.
  • Montreal Gold. Van Horne Commercial Centre.
  • Halifax Gold. 1697 Brunswick Street.

Can I buy gold at a bank in Canada?

In Canada, the major Canadian banks are the main bullion retailers, although you can purchase gold bars and coins directly from the Royal Canadian Mint’s online store. You can buy 1 oz of gold from TD Bank for $2409.28 CAD, and it is .

How much is an oz of gold Canada?


Gold Bullion Price
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf 9999 $2,445.35/coin
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf 9999 (2014 or Later) $2,447.79/coin
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf Damaged or 999 $2,365.12/coin
Gold Maple Leaf under 1 oz $78.40/g

Do you pay tax on gold in Canada?

Canada does not tax precious metals such as bars, ingots, coins, or wafers of gold, silver, platinum, which has a minimum purity of 99.9%. The price for gold and platinum is 50%, and for platinum, it is 100%.

Do you pay tax when you sell gold in Canada?

The sale of gold, platinum or silver at the defined purity levels, but not in the form of a bar, ingot, coin or wafer (e.g., in granular form), is taxable at 7% or 15%.

Is there gold in Muskoka?

Elsewhere in Muskoka, the astonishing discovery of a single gold nugget on a Monck Township farm east of Ziska sparked at least a localized rush. The gold was above the surface, and, well, in the farmhouse actually. In the kitchen, dressing a turkey for roasting began by scooping out its guts.