What is a turret terminal?

Turret connectors contain one or more circular flanges arranged around a center post for making solder connections, wire wrap connections or a test point. The turret has an overall length ranging from 0.123” (3.12mm) to 6.090” (154.69mm) with through hole or panel mount types.

Why would a turret terminal be used on a PCB?

Turret connectors or more commonly Turret terminals are used for to make interconnections between PCB and chassis-mounted components. Basically these are metal terminals to which wires are connected in a U shape and then soldered to provide strong and reliable connections.

What is Hook terminal?

Hook terminals are durable, easy-to-use electrical wire connectors that allow you to wire up terminal blocks, screw contact switches, or a multitude of other electrical connections.

What is bifurcated terminal?

Typically the bifurcated terminal is used as junction point as are the turret terminals to connect signals from one point to another. Whereas the slotted terminals are shorter and are at times soldered to the board itself. Being shorter provides more relief for height restrictions.

What is a quick disconnect terminal?

Also known as slip-on or fast-on connectors, these quick-disconnect terminals offer the fastest way to connect and disconnect two wires. They are also reusable. Simply slide the male terminal into the female terminal. Non-insulated quick-disconnects require only one crimp onto the wire.

Do you need flux to solder wires?

Yes, you need flux. Solder wire usually has flux in its core, but most still apply additional flux. I would figure out what specification of flux is in the solder wire you’re using and buy that type. To obtain the best results, always use extra flux!

What is a solder terminal?

Solder Heat-Shrink Ring Terminals For use in harsh environments, these terminals feature a heat shrink connection that also has an internal sealant. By simply applying heat, you’ll also melt a small amount of solder that makes a perfect connection – no crimps required.