Is Maleic hydrazide a growth retardant?

Growth Regulators When tobacco plants were treated with maleic hydrazide, a growth retardant, the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne was unable to induce giant cell formation and was thereby prevented from completing its life cycle and from causing disease.

Is Maleic hydrazide soluble in water?

Maleic hydrazide behaves as a weak monobasic acid. The alkanolamine and alkali metal salts are moderately soluble in water. Formulations used: liquid 30% and 40% a.i.; wettable powder 40%.

Is Maleic hydrazide natural?

Maleic hydrazide (34) is the best known compound that has originated completely synthetically, being used as a grass retardant.

Is diazinon banned in India?

Diazinon is banned for use in agriculture except for household use. 6. The use of DDT for the domestic Public Health Programme is restricted up to 10,000 Metric Tonnes per annum, except in case of any major outbreak of epidemic.

What was toxaphene used for?

Toxaphene was used primarily in the southern United States to control insect pests on cotton and other crops. Toxaphene is usually found as a solid or a gas. In its original form, toxaphene is a yellow to amber waxy solid that has a piney odor.

Is maleic anhydride a carcinogen?

Kidney effects were observed in rats chronically exposed to maleic anhydride via gavage (experimentally placing the chemical in the stomach). EPA has not classified maleic anhydride for carcinogenicity.

How is maleic hydrazide (MH) assayed in technical and formulated products?

Fourteen collaborating laboratories assayed maleic hydrazide (MH), 6-hydroxypyridazin-3(2H)-one, in technical and formulated products by reversed-phase liquid chromatography (LC) with sulfanilic acid as an internal standard. The active MH in the samples (6 lots) ranged from 16% (expressed as the pot …

What does maleic hydrazide look like?

Maleic hydrazide is an odorless white solid. Sinks in water. (USCG, 1999) Maleic hydrazide is a pyridazinone. 1,2-dihydropyridazine-3,6-dione Computed by LexiChem 2.6.6 (PubChem release 2019.06.18)

What is the solubility of maleic hydrazide in water?

Solubility in water at 25 °C, 300,000 mg/L at 20 °C and 340,000 mg/L at 25 °C / Maleic hydrazide potassium salt / For more Solubility (Complete) data for MALEIC HYDRAZIDE (7 total), please visit the HSDB record page. Slightly sol in hot alcohol, more sol in hot water

What is maleic anhydride?

Maleic anhydride is a chemical intermediate that can be used in several applications in nearly every field of industrial chemistry.