Who is the killer in Law Abiding Citizen?

Clyde Shelton
Clyde Shelton is the titular main antagonist in the 2009 thriller film Law Abiding Citizen. He is a former family man who murdered several “evil” police officers and criminals in an attempt to get rid of the justice system’s corruption.

Who got raped in Law Abiding Citizen?

Clyde’s wife
In a very violent, very quick scene that should make everyone who sees it sick to their stomach, Clyde’s wife is simultaneously raped and killed. And we’re left disturbingly unclear as to what happens to Clyde’s daughter—a girl of maybe 6 or 7—in the moments before she’s murdered.

What happened at the end of Law Abiding Citizen?

Clyde finds peace in death When Clyde learns that Nick has placed a bomb in his cell, he’s happy about the outcome; while his final smile could have been a reaction to being outsmarted by the attorney, his actions tell a different story.

Is Law Abiding Citizen a true story?

That’s what makes this character so entertainingly dangerous.” This proves that while there was no specific incident for Gray to pull details from, the creative freedom led him to other sources to develop his ideas. Thus, “Law Abiding Citizen” is not based on a true story.

Who is Clyde Shelton’s accomplice?

Rupert Ames
Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler), a Philadelphia engineer, witnesses the rape and murder of both his wife and five-year old daughter at the hands of two burglars who break in his house: Clarence J. Darby (Christian Stolte) and accomplice Rupert Ames (Josh Stewart), leaving Shelton emotionally scarred.

What happened to Ames in Law Abiding Citizen?

Ames is convicted and sentenced to death, while Darby is released after a few years. Clyde feels betrayed by Nick and the justice system. Ten years later, Ames is executed via lethal injection, but he dies in agonizing pain due to a chemical alteration; evidence implicates Darby, who is alerted by an anonymous caller.

How was the daughter killed in law abiding citizen?

Gerard Butler plays Clyde Shelton, a Philadelphia engineer and proud father, whose life’s course is set one day when two men break into his house. The men rape and murder Shelton’s wife and daughter while he lies stabbed but alive on the floor.

What did Darby Clyde’s daughter do?

Type of Villain You can’t fight fate. Darby before stabbing Clyde. Darby taking away Clyde’s daughter to kill (and possibly rape) her.

What happened to the wife and daughter in Law Abiding Citizen?

What is wrong with Law Abiding Citizen?

“Law Abiding Citizen,” an Overture Films release, is rated R for strong bloody brutal violence and torture, a scene of rape, and pervasive language.

Who is Rupert Ames in Law Abiding Citizen?

Josh Stewart
Rupert Ames is the secondary antagonist in the 2009 action crime film Law Abiding Citizen. He was Clarence Darby’s accomplice, who helped him break into Clyde Shelton’s house and raid him. He was portrayed by Josh Stewart, who also portrayed John Pilgrim in Netflix’s The Punisher, and Barsad in The Dark Knight Rises.