Is Henry Cole still married?

Henry Cole has been married to his beloved wife Jane Cole for a very long time as of now. Meanwhile, his wife Jane has maintained her privacy from the media and has not interacted with the public much.

How old is Henry Cole?

About 57 years (1965)Henry Cole / Age

Why did Henry leave Find It, Fix It, Flog It?

One reason that might be is that he ventured solo and set up his own company called 5Four Motorcycles. Some viewers have speculated that he’s too busy with that and doesn’t have time to make appearances on the Channel 4 series.

Where is Henry Coles new house?

Henry lives in the Cotswolds in the Heart of England with his wife Jane and two sons Charlie and Tom.

Where is shed and buried based?

In Cornwall, Henry and Sam visit a trials car enthusiast with an eclectic set of sheds. Will they come away with a jeep, a bike or something else?

Has Sam Lovegrove got any children?

Sam Lovegrove is a secretive person and according to sources, he is married with four kids though he is yet to confirm this.

Is Shed and Buried still being made?

Formerly a Travel Channel show, Shed & Buried is produced by HCA Entertainment. It follows Henry Cole and Sam Lovegrove as they discover vintage vehicles. The new season airs in 2021.

What happens to the items in find it fix it flog it?

While we never actually see money change hands, the original owners are duly rewarded with a big lump sum of the profits from the four items. It will go towards a charity of their choice, or a well deserved holiday perhaps, or to buying yet more junk for their collection of vintage cars or what-have-you.

Is Henry Cole’s motorbike show still popular?

The Motorbike Show is rather popular in the UK, usually appearing weekly on mainstream TV. On the other hand, Henry Cole and his motorcycle show are relatively unknown since British TV shows rarely get aired in the USA. However, the show gets mentioned briefly once in a while through motorcycle show reviews.

Who is Henry Cole?

“Welcome to the official site of TV presenter, record-breaking biker and champion of the British Heritage Movement Henry Cole.”

What is Henry Cole doing in his garage?

Henry Cole takes a break from riding his motorcycles to give you a tour of his garage and the motorcycles that are in it. Loved the tv series. Henry is so natural n down to earth it is gr8 to hear the stories of amazing places like Africa.

What is motorcycle magazine?

Britain’s best-loved and longest-running motorcycle magazine programme, with eight series in the can and in ninth in production. Presenter Henry Cole shares his passion for motorised two-wheelers with an infectious enthusiasm.