Which place is the by the Agatti airport?

Agatti Airport (IATA: AGX, ICAO: VOAT) is located on the southern end of Agatti Island, in the union territory of Lakshadweep in India. It is the sole airstrip in the archipelago, which lies off the west coast of mainland India….Agatti Airport.

Passenger movements 41,146 ( 7.3%)
Cargo tonnage 300 ( 2.5%)

How do I get to Agatti Island?

Agatti and Bangaram islands can be reached by flight from Kochi. Indian Airlines operate flights from Kochi. Onward flights from Kochi are available to most of the airports in India and abroad. Airstrip is there in Agatti island only.

How many airports are there in Lakshadweep?

Agatti Aerodrome is the only domestic airport in Lakshadweep and is well-connected by frequent flights from Cochin International Airport, which is the only connected airport to Lakshadweep at… Indian Airlines operates a daily flight to Agatti Aerodrome, except on Sundays.

Why is Agatti Island famous?

Known for its stunning beaches, considered by many to be amongst the best in the world, Agatti is popular amongst those looking for a bit of deep sea fishing, scuba diving, sailing, skiing and even kayaking.

Where is Agatti Island located?

The Agatti Island is at a distance of 459 km (248 nautical miles) from Kochi and is located the west of Kavaratti Island. It lies between 10o 48′ and 10o 53′ N latitude and 72o 09′ and 7o 13′ E longitude, having an area of 3.84 sq km, with a maximum length of 10 km and width of km.

What is the length of the runway at Agatti Island?

Operated by Airports Authority of India (AAI), Agatti Aerodrome has a 1,291 metre long asphalt runway and one passenger terminal.

How can I go to Agatti Island from Mumbai?

The recommended way to reach from Mumbai to Agatti Island is flight to Kempegowda International Airport, then flight to Cochin International Airport, then flight to Agatti Airport and takes 10h 30m. Flights from Go Air, Spicejet, Vistara etc. Flights from AirAsia, Vistara, Jet Airways etc. Flights from AirIndia etc.

Is Andaman better or Lakshadweep?

Both Andaman or Lakshadweep are home to some amazing beaches. Both have stunning marine life and a dash of water sports to get you the thrills. They are both are off India’s coast….Andaman or Lakshadweep: Which is the better destination?

City Andaman airfare airfare
Bangalore Rs. 5822 Rs. 7462
Chennai Rs. 5848 Rs. 5700
Kolkata Rs. 4189 Rs. 11832