What was the high in Portland Oregon today?

High 57F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph.

Is Katu news off the air?

Portland TV Station KATU Suspends News Coverage as Staff Attends Trauma Training. Portland TV station KATU suspended all of its news coverage Monday so staff could attend a training for on-the-job stress and trauma, earning praise from journalists.

How hot did it get in Portland?

Portland, Ore., soared to 116 degrees — hotter than Dallas, Miami and L.A. have ever been. On the other side of the country, Boston was forecast to hit nearly 100 degrees and New York City could feel like 105.

Is Oregon tax friendly for retirees?

Oregon is moderately tax friendly. While the state does not tax Social Security benefits, it does tax other retirement income, like withdrawals from retirement accounts. Additionally, public and private pension income are partially taxed. Wages are taxed at standard rate and the marginal state tax rate is 9%.

Where did Lincoln Graves go?

Lincoln GravesReporter Lincoln joined the KUTV news team as a general assignment reporter in November of 2021. He comes to Salt Lake City from Portland, Oregon, where he spent the previous 10 years as an anchor/reporter at KATU.

Who is Lincoln Graves partner?

Lincoln is gay, he has a boyfriend known as Brent. His partner Brent works for the Multnomah County DA’s office as their Communications Director. The pair met when Brent was working at KPTV, and they have been together for nine years.

Does Oregon have a homeless problem?

As of January 2017, Oregon has an estimated 13,953 individuals experiencing homelessness. Of this homeless population, 1,083 are family households, 1,251 are veterans, 1,462 are unaccompanied young adults (aged 18–24), and 3,387 are individuals experiencing chronic homelessness.

Does Portland have a lot of homeless?

Portland has fewer people experiencing homelessness than other large cities (source), but, due to a lack of shelter availability for those in need, our unsheltered population is more visible.