What are the levels of power tumbling?

USTA power tumblers are placed in named levels, such as “beginner,” “advanced beginner,” “sub advanced ” and “elite.” USTA levels, passes and routines are comparable to those of the USAG.

How is power tumbling scored?

All trampoline and tumbling events are scored two ways, for difficulty and aesthetics. Five aesthetic judges give a score up to 10.0. The high and low scores are deleted. For all events, the middle three scores are added.

What are tumbling passes in gymnastics?

In tumbling, a gymnast performs a tumbling pass which sees the gymnast gain speed and power by running along a track and performing a series of somersaults and twists. World-class tumblers perform no less than two double somersaults in one run, the best of them three, with twisting elements in addition.

Is Power tumbling a sport?

Tumbling is a form of gymnastics (sometimes called Power Tumbling), that involves tumbling along a mat performing flips, rolls, jumps, performing somersaults and handsprings, which is performed without the assistance of props. The sport, which was once a gymnastics event at the 1932 Olympic Games.

What level is front handspring?

Running Tumbling Skills

Level 1 Level 2 Level 5
Cartwheel Roundoff 2 Back handsprings Roundoff back handspring full
Round-off rebound Front walkover roundoff back handspring Specialty to full
Front walkover roundoff back walkover Front handspring Roundoff Arabian

What level is a front handspring front tuck?

level 7’s
Most level 7’s do front handspring front tucks, some do fronthandspring front pikes, and a few good tumblers do front handspring front layouts.

Will power tumbling be in the Olympics?

Angel Rice competing in power tumbling (@angel_rice/Instagram.) And also unlike artistic or rhythmic gymnastics, it is not an Olympic event.