How do I check if my license is WLC 2504?

After WLC has been rebooted, you can verify the license by going to Management > Software Activation > License. Click on the license to show more details.

How do I update my Cisco WLC ha?

Upgrade Procedure

  1. Use CLI/GUI to initiate the upgrade on the Active WLC in the HA setup and wait for the upgrade to finish.
  2. The Active WLC executes all the upgrade scripts and transfers the entire image to the Standby WLC using the Redundant Port.

How do I update my WLC 5520?

To do this we need to log into our 5520 WLC and go to the Advanced menu and then to the Commands menu. We then need to click on Download File so that we download our new firmware image to the WLCs. Yes I said download.

How do I upload an image to WLC?

  1. You need a tftp server in your network that is reachable from WLC.
  2. Navigate to COMMANDS tab in WLC GUI and choose UPLOAD FILE menu.
  3. Specify File Type (Configuration), Transfer Mode (TFTP), IP Address (TFTP Server IP), File Path (./ incase its at root folder) and File Name.
  4. Click Upload button to backup WLC configuration.

How do I add AP license to WLC?

Configuring Right to Use Licensing (CLI)

  1. To add or delete the number of APs that an AP license can support, enter this command: license {add | delete} ap-count count.
  2. To add or delete a license for a feature, enter this command: license {add | delete} feature license_name.

How do I check my AP license?

Check learner licence application status in AP, first to visit AP transport Department website after open website select top menu to status -> driving licence(DL).

How do I check my controller license?

To determine the controller’s product ID and serial number, choose Controller > Inventory on the controller GUI or enter the show license udi command on the controller CLI.