Do they still make Sportspal canoes?

Since it’s humble beginnings in a small Northern Ontario garage, the Sportspal Canoe has grown to become a Canadian icon. With continued hard work over the last 60 years to develop the canoe, it has now become one of Canada’s most recognisable watercraft which now has a global customer base.

Are Sportspal canoes stable?

I personally love the Sportspal canoes, they are easy to carry, durable, very stable and hold a ton of gear. I use them on mostly calm lakes and I use an electric motor on both models. This is what makes the Sportspal usable. Without a motor, the thing is a beast to paddle.

How much does a 12 foot Sportspal canoe weight?

Weight: 37 lbs. Carrying Capacity: 500 lbs.

How wide is a Sportspal canoe?

Sportspal Specifications
Model Length Beam
12′ Pointed 11′ 6″ 38″
12′ Pointed Sp. 11′ 6″ 38″
14′ Pointed 13′ 6″ 38″

What is a Sportspal canoe?

This lightweight canoe is available in 12′, 14′ and 16′ models and five color choices. Crafted from light gauge marine aluminum which withstands the normal use and abuse by sportsmen. A great canoe for fishing, hunting or cruising the shoreline of your favorite lake, river or stream.

What is a Radisson canoe?

Radisson canoes are hand crafted from light gauge marine aluminum which withstands the normal use and abuse by Sportsmen but is still easy for Grandpa to load onto his vehicle. Centre Length: 13’6” (4.11 m) Beam: 38” (96.52 cm)

Where are Sportspal Canoes made?

North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Baywood Enterprises is a manufacturing company which is located in the city of North Bay, Ontario, Canada. It manufactures products with the Brand Names Sportspal Canoes, Radisson Canoes, the Easy Hauler Line of Boat, Snowmobile, Pontoon and Utility Trailers, Contour Pedal Boats, and the Kiwi Kayak Line.

How much is a Radisson canoe?

14′ WIDE STERN RADISSON CANOE – $1,299.00 Canoes are easy to paddle, carry and handle better on car tops, towing and launching. High tensile strengths and stiffness means excellent hull integrity, long lasting durability, and high strength-to-weight ratio.

What are Sportspal canoe made of?

All our Sportspal and Radisson Canoes are constructed of a single sheet of 5052 marine grade aluminum which will not become brittle, delaminate, peel, waterlog, check, rot, shrink or swell. It assures a uniform thickness throughout the hull.

How much does a sportspal cost?

Sportspals are great family canoes. S-12 Sportspal Canoe is 1242.00 + S&H S-14 Sportspal Canoe is 1388.00 + S&H S-16 Sportspal Canoe is 1570.00 + S&H Scroll Down the Page for Details , Available Options Pricing and Action Videos

What is included in sportspal canoe prices?

Above Sportspal Canoe prices include the following: FREE Front & Rear Gunwale Seat Upgrade* 2 Paddles 2 Eathafoam Style Seats Trolling motor mount** Carry Handles Rope Gripper *FREE Gunwale Seats Upgrade replaces the standard Eathafoam Seats **Trolling motor mount is only designed for electric trolling motors.

Do you offer a rebate on shipping for sportspal canoes?

* Must be part of same order with a SportsPal canoe. No rebate on shipping Seven models to choose from. Pointed stern (“Double End” as above) models as well as square stern and extra wide square stern models for motoring. see square stern photos.

How much does a 14ft Meyers sportspal canoe cost?

14 Ft Meyers Sportspal Canoe. Made from stretched aircraft grade aluminum. Weight 60lbs or less. Manufacturer states: unsinkable even full of water. Perfect for hunting too. Very stable. Condition excellent!!$$Cash only. Please don’t call asking to ship, check or anything. Original cost $1600 14ft Meyers Sportspal Canoe. Condition: Excellent.