Why does my Lenovo say fan error?

The Thinkpad fan error indicates the fan is not operating sufficiently to cool the hardware. This places the computer at risk and generates an error or automatic safety shutdown.

How can I fix my laptop fan error?

How to Fix a CPU Fan Error

  1. Move your computer.
  2. Stop overclocking.
  3. Keep your computer cool.
  4. Clean the CPU fans.
  5. Check your CPU fan.
  6. Check your CPU fan’s location.
  7. Try an alternate CPU fan header.
  8. Check the CPU fan’s settings in BIOS.

How do I know if my Lenovo laptop fan is working?

Try to listen for the sound of the fan. If the fan is working properly, you should listen a smoother sound. If your fan does not have any issues, you should be able to listen to a smoother sound. If there are any issues with the fan, it will either make a crackling sound or rotate with vibration.

How to fix Lenovo laptop fan error message?

While disconnected from the AC power adapter, use a straightened paper clip to press down and hold the button for at least 30 seconds. Release and then power up the laptop. Hopefully you’ve rid yourself and the laptop of the fan error message and will now be able to move forward with your chores on your Lenovo laptop.

Why does my ThinkPad 11e have a fan error on boot?

When powering on a ThinkPad 11e or ThinkPad Yoga 11e system, the user may receive a fan error on boot. The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems: Affected Systems (machine types, model types):

How do I fix the fan error on my Arctic laptop?

You can use Arctic Silver 5 or Arctic’s MX-4 thermal paste. 8. If the fan error yet comes up, you will need to power cycle your laptop. Disconnect from the AC power and remove the laptop’s battery. Hold down the power button for 30 seconds and replace the battery and reconnect to the AC adapter and power up.

How do I know if my ThinkPad 11e has Lenovo Service bridge?

If you’re using a Lenovo PC or Laptop please use the Detect Product button. Lenovo Service Bridge is required to be downloaded. When powering on a ThinkPad 11e or ThinkPad Yoga 11e system, the user may receive a fan error on boot.