Why are there so many rescue dogs from Alabama?

Last year, shelters in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi were running out of so-called “pandemic puppies.” Now, they are literally overflowing with dogs, cats and even hamsters due to a variety of reasons — the lingering coronavirus pandemic, mating season and transportation issues, to name a few.

Where do most dogs in shelters come from?

Although animals enter shelters for a variety of reasons, the majority of shelter populations are comprised of strays, rescues and surrenders: Stray animals are often found on the streets and brought in by Good Samaritans or local law authorities.

How do puppies end up in shelters?

People losing their job, getting a divorce, having a new baby, or encountering difficulties with their health are also common reasons that dogs end up in shelters.

What does the Shelby County Humane Society do?

The Shelby County Humane Society is a non-profit, no-kill shelter located in Shelbyville, Kentucky. “No-kill” means animals stay with us or in foster homes until they are adopted. No animal is euthanized unless it is medically necessary. Our work includes rescue of homeless animals, pet adoptions, a spay/neuter program and humane education.

How to contact Shelby County animal shelter in Ohio?

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What does the Humane Society do for foster parents?

They provide homes and lifesaving care for puppies, kittens, dogs and cats awaiting adoption that can’t stay in the shelter environment. Right now, we urgently need foster parents willing to bottle feed motherless puppies and kittens. If you’re willing to foster any animals from the Humane Society, apply today. Apply to be a foster family.

How do I contact memphishumane for adoption?

If you have any questions, you can contact our adoption counselors at the front desk by emailing [email protected] or feel free to call 901-937-3900. Thank you! Take a look at our adoptable animals, then head over to the Adoption Process page to see what’s next! To see all of our adoptable dogs, go here.