Who does Shinichiro Miki voice?

Miki is also a singer among the four-man band Weiß, along with Takehito Koyasu, Tomokazu Seki and Hiro Yūki, the four main voice actors of Weiß Kreuz. Miki is also very active in BL dramas. He won Best Actor in supporting roles in the 4th Seiyu Awards….

Shin-ichiro Miki
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Who is the voice actor of Takumi Fujiwara?

Shin-ichiro MikiInitial D
Laurent VerninInitial D
Takumi Fujiwara/Voiced by

Who voices Nighteye Japanese?

Brandon McInnis is the English dub voice of Sir Nighteye / Mirai Sasaki in My Hero Academia, and Shinichiro Miki is the Japanese voice.

Who voices pedro in one piece?

Ben Balmaceda is the English dub voice of Pedro in One Piece, and Shinichiro Miki is the Japanese voice.

How old is Shinichiro Sano?

He was 23. Even after his demise, people continued to look up to him and celebrate him. Although he was already deceased before the events of the story, Shinichiro continues to have an influence on the motivations of several major characters.

Who plays tenya Iida?

J. Michael TatumMy Hero Academia
Kaito IshikawaMy Hero Academia: Two Heroes
Tenya Iida/Voiced by

Who is Mirai Sasaki?

Mirai Sasaki, also known as Sir Nighteye was a Pro Hero and Mirio Togata’s mentor. He was also a former Sidekick and was considered to be the brains of All Might. He Employed Mirio Togata and Izuku Midoriya for his internship at his agency the Nighteye Agency.

Is Pedro death One Piece?

During the escape from Whole Cake Island, Pedro sacrificed himself to ensure his team’s escape, as he believed the Straw Hats will bring about the Dawn of the World.

How old is Miki Shinichiro?

Shin-ichiro Miki (三木 眞一郎, Miki Shin’ichirō, born March 18, 1968) is a Japanese voice actor from Tokyo.

What are some of the anime roles that Miki has played?

Miki is known to be cast as cool characters or various villainous roles, but he has played several different types of roles in the anime, game, and Japanese dubbing industry. A few of his voice roles include Deishuu Kaiki in the Monogatari series, Arno Victor Dorian in the Japanese dub for Assassin’s Creed Unity,…

Who is Miki Koyasu?

In addition, he is a singer of the popular four-man band of Weiss along with Takehito Koyasu, Tomokazu Seki and Hiro Yuuki, the four main seiyuu of Weiss Kreuz. Miki is also very active in BL dramas.

Is Miki from Kamen Rider Den-O sick?

Miki is also known for his role as Sieg in Kamen Rider Den-O . He also serves as the dubbing role for Daniel Wu, Jung Woo-sung, Michael Fassbender and many more. On August 18, 2021, Miki tested positive for COVID-19, but has no symptoms.