What is datepicker default date?

Note that jQuery-UI datepicker defaults to today so make sure your system date/time is correct.

How do I change the default date on datepicker?

datepicker({ dateFormat: ‘dd-mm-yy’, changeYear: true}); $(“[name=trainingStartToDate]”). datepicker({ dateFormat: ‘dd-mm-yy’, changeYear: true});

How do I restrict date in date picker?

When Start Date is selected, then need to disable all the dates before selected start date + 4 days in end date datepicker. “minDate” option is our choice here. If end date is selected first, then disable all the dates after selected end date – 4 days in Start date datepicker. “maxDate” option is our choice here.

How would you restrict date picker selection based on the entry in another date field?

The fields are also using the dd-MMM-yy date format. After picking a date in the first date field, the date picker in the second date field should be restricted such that the minimum date that can be selected is the first date.

What are the default options for the datepicker?

For example, startDate would be data-date-start-date, format would be data-date-format, and daysOfWeekDisabled would be data-date-days-of-week-disabled. See the quick reference for an overview of all options and their default values Boolean. Default: false Whether or not to close the datepicker immediately when a date is selected.

How to insert a date picker which always shows current date?

To insert a date picker which always shows the current date by default before you picking up a date, please do as follows: 1. Click File > Options. 3. Click Developer > Date Picker Content Control . 4. Then the Date Picker is inserted into the document.

What happens if the datepicker is set to false?

If false, the datepicker will be prevented from showing when the input field associated with it receives focus. Date or String. Default: Beginning of time The earliest date that may be selected; all earlier dates will be disabled. Date should be in local timezone.

What is the default view date in the calendar?

Default: today Date to view when initially opening the calendar. The internal value of the date remains today as default, but when the datepicker is first opened the calendar will open to defaultViewDate rather than today. If this option is not used, “today” remains the default view date.