How far can the router be from the modem?

But how long can you go and not noticeably degrade your internet connection? Wired Router: Without experiencing any network interference, the theoretical maximum distance between the modem and router for Cat5e or Cat6 cable is 100 meters or about 328 feet, according to the networking standards.

What is the range of Motorola MG8702?

The MG8702 can support up to 6,000 Mbps cable modem speed and up to 3,200 Mbps WiFi speed. In Minim Lab tests, this modem/router’s functional range was 2,500 sq. ft. Tests also indicated that the MG8702 can comfortably support an IoT load of up to 55 devices.

Is Motorola good WiFi?

It’s reliable, supports the fastest internet speed available and is compatible with just about every non gigabit plan from every cable internet service provider.

How far can a Wi-Fi signal reach?

A general rule of thumb in home networking says that Wi-Fi routers operating on the traditional 2.4 GHz band reach up to 150 feet (46 m) indoors and 300 feet (92 m) outdoors. Older 802.11a routers that ran on 5 GHz bands reached approximately one-third of these distances.

Does modem affect Wi-Fi range?

No, not any modem will do. In fact, using the wrong modem can significantly limit the speed of your internet connection.

What to do if router is too far away?

  1. Relocate the Router or Gateway Device.
  2. Change the Wi-Fi Channel Number and Frequency.
  3. Update the Router Firmware.
  4. Upgrade The Router Or Gateway Radio Antennas.
  5. Add a Signal Amplifier.
  6. Try a Wireless Access Point.
  7. Use A Wi-Fi Extender.
  8. Try Quality-of-Service Tools.

Does Motorola MG8702 work on spectrum?

The Motorola MG8702 is the best modem/router combo for the Spectrum 400 Mbps plan or below. It averaged 518.51 Mbps from 5 feet and 272.03 Mbps from 25 feet during testing using the 5GHz network. These are good results that will be enough for a family of 5 to use the internet without issues.

Who owns Motorola modem?

ARRIS acquired Motorola Home in 2013. The products, heritage, intellectual property, and innovation associated with that division now reside under the ARRIS brand.

How do you connect to WiFi with a cable modem?

Connect the cable to the modem. Take the coaxial cable coming from your wall and connect it to the port at the back of the modem. Tighten it securely by screwing the cable into the port. Take the LAN, or Internet cable, and plug one end to the back of the cable modem.

What is the best wireless cable modem?

USB port: Many routers and modems have USB ports just like laptops.

  • LAN ports: A modem typically uses a local area network (LAN port) to send data to the wireless router.
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports: A modem normally has several Ethernet ports to send data to the Wifi router or to individual wired devices.
  • Does my cable modem have WiFi?

    Unless you have a fairly basic internet plan, this means you’ll want support for relatively modern Wi-Fi standards. On the Wi-Fi side, a cable modem/router combo works the same as any other wireless router, meaning you’ll be choosing from the same Wi-Fi standards and frequencies, such as 802.11n and 802.11ac, which have recently been redesignated as Wi-Fi 4 and Wi-Fi 5, respectively, in order to make it easier for consumers to understand the relationship between them.

    Can you get wireless internet with just a cable modem?

    You’ll also need another cable to connect a standalone router to a standalone modem. For fiber-to-the-home internet, you need an Ethernet cable to connect your wireless router to the optical network terminal (ONT)—Google calls these devices the Network Box and Fiber Jack, respectively. Other fiber services use one of the three cables listed below.