How do I add a view link in ADF?

Create a view link definition while creating a package of data model components. In the System or Application Navigator, right-click a Oracle ADF Business Components package and choose New View Link. This will open the View Object Wizard. If you need assistance with the wizard, click H elp.

How do I create a view object in ADF?

To create the View Object and add it as data control, perform the following steps:

  1. Expand the Model node in the Application Navigator.
  2. Right-click the Application Sources node and select New from context..
  3. In the New Gallery, select the Business Tier | ADF Business Components category, and the View Object item.

What is programmatic Vo in ADF?

Sample application ( is based on one regular VO, which renders employees table. Programmatic VO renders data for tag cloud component, located below table: Steps to create programmatic VO are much more simple in ADF

What is view link in ADF?

Oracle ADF view links are business components that define a relationship between two Oracle ADF view object definitions (the “source” and “destination” view objects) based on sets of view attributes (the “source” and “destination” attributes) from each.

What is view link in oaf?

A View Link specifies a relationship between two View Objects. As such, it is an expression of an association defined either by underlying Entity Objects or by literal SQL statements. A View Link specifies source and destination View Objects, and links them using attributes selected by those View Objects.

How do you create a view object?

If you already have a business project which contains objects, you have two options:

  1. Select File | New, choose the Business Components tab, and double-click the View Object icon.
  2. In the Navigation pane, right click a package in your business project and choose Create View Object from the context menu.

How do you create a row in ADF?

To insert the operation to create the row, select Create in the operations folder for the previously selected collection and select Button with Form from the dropdown list. Drag the collection from the Data Control Palette into the first column of the read-only table (so it appears above the forEach statement).

What is ADF view criteria?

A View Criteria is a filter that you apply programmatically or by definition to a View Object. instance. It augments the WHERE clause in a View Object query. Named View Criteria are defined in the Query. panel of the View Object and are used.

What is the difference between association and view link in ADF?

About associations and view links Entity Objects represent tables, and an Association defines a relationship between two Entity Objects. Similarly, View Objects represent views of tables, and a View Link defines a relationship between two View Objects.

How do you view a link without opening it?

To do that, just head on over to Then just simply copy and paste the link you want to scan into the scan field. Once there you can also click Options and make your scan Private, which sometimes is nice to do, since Public scans will show up on the front page and in searches.

How do I create an ADF view definition programmatically?

When you create an ADF view object, the application creates a view definition object utilizing the XML file. Alternatively, you can create the view definition object programmatically using a framework class. The oracle.jbo.server.ViewDefImpl class lets you dynamically define the view definition meta-object for view object instances.

How do I create an ADF Business component view object?

In the Applications window, right-click the project in which you want to create the view object and choose New. In the New Gallery, expand Business Tier, select ADF Business Components and then View Object, and click OK.

What are programmatic uses of the ADF Business Components API?

This chapter describes programmatic uses of the ADF Business Components API that you can use while designing and working with ADF view objects in an Oracle ADF application.

What is Active Directory framework (ADF)?

Using the framework base class, ADF supports features like activation/passivation for the given collection. Unlike earlier, developers do not need to code a wide variety of methods that require understanding of the various stages in the view object lifecycle to populate the row programmatically.