Does Phoenix West have a lazy river?

Phoenix West provides an upscale, spacious backdrop for beachside fun and relaxation with its lazy river that includes an exciting slide and overlooks the sugar-white beach in Orange Beach.

When was Phoenix West built in Orange Beach?

Phoenix West II is considered one of the top gulf front condominiums in Orange Beach. Built in 2013, this incredible development has set the bar for a luxury vacation destination on the Alabama Coast.

How many floors does the Phoenix West 2 have?

32 stories
ORANGE BEACH, Alabama — At 32 stories and 1.9 million square feet, Phoenix West II — Alabama’s largest residential building — began welcoming owners this week.

When was Phoenix West built?

Come Experience Life at Phoenix West The 29-floor building, constructed in 2008, is made up of a whopping 225 units with three or four bedrooms, making it not only one of the largest complexes in the region, but also the entire Gulf Coast.

What to do in Pheonix?

Peep an independent flick at Indie Film Fest.

  • Get a jump on Valentine’s Day at Phoenix’s most romantic restaurants.
  • Shop for local goodies at Second Sundays on Mill.
  • Party with Macklemore at the WMO Birds Nest.
  • Hit the greens at Waste Management Phoenix Open.
  • Catch the big game at Pedal Haus Brewery.
  • Where to live in Pheonix?

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  • Next week.
  • Stevie Wonder.
  • Jazz&more at ‘The Pier’ Once known as The Pier,Lake Geneva’s Riviera Ballroom hosted performances by legends in jazz and R&B.
  • Cheap Trick.
  • The Monkees.
  • A popular Midwestern venue.
  • Janis Joplin.
  • Monkees,Association&Herman’s Hermits.
  • The Beach Boys.
  • Where is west side city in Phoenix?

    West Valley (Phoenix metropolitan area) The West Valley is a region within the Phoenix metropolitan area, in central Arizona. It is located west of the Phoenix city limits, within Maricopa County, Arizona .

    What is the difference between Pheonix and Phoenix?

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