Did a hoverboard cause a house fire?

In the spring of the year 2016, an exploding hoverboard caused a house fire that killed two children in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The home was engulfed in flames after the hoverboard charging on the first floor exploded and caught fire. In April 2017, another charging hoverboard caused a house fire in Washington.

Are hoverboards UL-certified?

While many manufacturers claim that Underwaterwriters Laboratories (UL) and other independent firms have fully tested their items, it is pretty hard to find a hoverboard that has been genuinely certified. Some popular brands like Swagway claim that their chargers and batteries are UL-certified just to lure retailers.

What happens if you overcharge a hoverboard?

If you overcharge the hoverboard, the polyethylene or polypropylene sheets may be compromised which results in a short circuit, and the hoverboard, in turn, catches fire.

Are hoverboards UL 2272 certified?

Even if a model has gotten a UL 2272 certification, there could still be hoverboard safety issues. Things can change once you’ve been riding a board for a while, and improper care can make a hoverboard dangerous.

Can you leave a hoverboard charged overnight?

Do not leave your hoverboard charging overnight because it can get overcharged and explode into flames. Always keep an eye on the charging toy to ensure nothing wrong happens. What happens when you charge your hoverboard for too long? The hoverboard gets overcharged, leading to the boiling of the electrolytic fluid inside the cells.

What happens if you shake a hoverboard?

So, be very careful if you hear a clattering sound upon shaking your hoverboard. When hoverboards are manufactured in large quantities, the quality review can be comprised that may result in some metal piece left inside that keeps on crashing and eventually catches fire.

Why is my hoverboard wiggling?

Many self-balancing hoverboards have wires that solder ironed to the battery or parts of the hoverboard, which can result in too much wriggling. So, be very careful if you hear a clattering sound upon shaking your hoverboard.