Can a socket server have multiple connections?

Server Types – single & multiple: When a server’s processes listening to a port that means multiple sockets can simultaneously connect and communicate with the same server-process.

How many connections can be in a socket?

For most socket interfaces, the maximum number of sockets allowed per each connection between an application and the TCP/IP sockets interface is 65535.

Can multiple sockets bind to same port?

When multiple sockets are allowed to bind to the same port, other services on that port may be stolen or spoofed. On most systems, a combination of setting the SO_REUSEADDR socket option, and a call to bind() allows any process to bind to a port to which a previous process has bound with INADDR_ANY.

What is multi threaded file server?

Multithreaded Server: A server having more than one thread is known as Multithreaded Server. When a client sends the request, a thread is generated through which a user can communicate with the server. We need to generate multiple threads to accept multiple requests from multiple clients at the same time.

What is multi threaded Web server?

A multithreaded server is any server that has more than one thread. Because a transport requires its own thread, multithreaded servers also have multiple transports. The number of thread-transport pairs that a server contains defines the number of requests that the server can handle in parallel.

How do I connect multiple clients to one server?

If a client is talking to multiple servers, it is using multiple ports on the client machine. Each time you connect() a socket, you are allocating a new port. You can specify what client port you want to use by bind()-ing to the port number. Otherwise, the operating system chooses a port for you.

How many simultaneous connections can a server handle?

On the TCP level the tuple (source ip, source port, destination ip, destination port) must be unique for each simultaneous connection. That means a single client cannot open more than 65535 simultaneous connections to a single server. But a server can (theoretically) serve 65535 simultaneous connections per client.

How many sockets can a client server have?

There are four types of sockets available to the users. The first two are most commonly used and the last two are rarely used. Processes are presumed to communicate only between sockets of the same type but there is no restriction that prevents communication between sockets of different types.