What is the story of Bani Ishq Da Kalma?

The story is the tale of two Punjabi daughters Bani and Rajji. Their father had promised to get their daughter wedded to NRI only. Although there is a young good looking bachelor Soham who falls in love with Bani, the father of the girl rejects him as he is not an NRI.

Who is Rano in Bani Ishq Da Kalma?

actress Navni Parihar
The character of Rano, played by actress Navni Parihar, will die in the episode on Friday. Rano will commit suicide days after her husband — for whom she had been waiting for decades — comes from Canada. Then, there will be circumstances which will force her to take her own life.

What is the real name of Bani of serial Bani Ishq Da Kalma?

Backed by real stories the daily soap Bani – Ishq Da Kalma explores the plight of Punjabi brides abandoned by NRIs, through the lives of sisters Bani and Rajji played by Shefali Sharma and Neha Bagga respectively.

What is the meaning of Bani Ishq Da Kalma?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bani — Ishq Da Kalma (English: Bani — A Holy Script of Love) is an Indian television drama series, which premiered on 18 March 2013 on Colors. The series was originally titled Gurbani, which means the composition of the Sikh gurus.

How does Bani die in the story?

When Bani’s in-laws plans a picnic Parmeet plans to get Bani killed. They are having a picnic while Parmeet takes Bani to a boat, with the number 13 on it. Parmeet starts the motor and leaves Bani all alone in the boat. The boat moves and slowly sinks into the water. Bani is declared dead and the whole family is heartbroken. Rajji is depressed.

Who is Sufi Ki Sultana Kaur?

She is popularly known as “Sufi Ki Sultana” because of her soulful Sufi renditions. After winning titles in two reality shows, Kaur established herself as a lead singer in Bollywood soundtracks.

How did Bani transform herself into Maya?

However, Bani’s plans are sometimes foiled by some of the family members who don’t believe Bani, but Bani saves herself each time. Soon, Bani and Rajji expose Parmeet and he is thrown out of the house. Bani humiliates him and reveals everything about how she is Bani and transformed herself into Maya.