What is half circle back?

Half Circle Back / HCB / forward, down-forward, down, down-back, back / f, d/f, d, d/b, b / 63214. Same as the Half Circle Forward, just backwards. These are frequently used for weaker command grabs.

What does quarter circle forward mean?

@DoghouseCorgian. A QCF, or Quarter-Circle Forward, is one of two “fireball” motion inputs in fighting games (the other being Quarter Circle Back). It’s the most basic motion input, and is a staple of many fighting games. The numpad notation for QCF is 236. 6:33 PM · Jan 15, 2019·Twitter for Android.

How do you do delta motion?

Always executed after a diagonal backward charge, delta motions are performed by moving the stick or pressing the directional pad in a triangular motion, i.e. down-forward, down-back, and up-forward.

Are there Quarter circles in Tekken?

Yep. Its good idea to go into practice mode and turn on inputs-showing so you see if you are not misinputting something – you must do exactly the d,df,f or d,db,b and then the button – sometimes there can be a delay between the last direction input and the button but you can do it right away.

Where does the quarter circle back motion come from?

The quarter-circle back motion comes from the Tatsumaki Senpūkyaku rushing move in Street Fighter. It is often assigned to forward-rushing moves, even in older games (like Terry Bogard’s “burn knuckle”). It is sometimes assigned to backwards-rushing or up-and-over-rushing moves. It is also often assigned to more defensive-minded moves.

Why is it called a quarter circle?

It’s called a quarter circle, because if you look at the 8 directions you can point in as a circle, it’s 1/4th of the circle. This motion is in every fighting game. Same as the QCF, except backwards. You can use a lot of moves just by knowing these two motions.

What is the command for quarter circle back?

The quarter-circle back (usually “QCB”, also “hurricane kick motion”, etc.; 214 in numpad notation) is represented by the command sequence “ ”. Obviously, this is just the quarter-circle forward going the other way.

What is the difference between quarter circle and half circle motions?

Less common than a DP, but more than a reverse DP, half circle motions can be significantly trickier to perform than quarter circle motions, even though they’re only slightly different. These motions are typically used for moves meant to have a bit more impact than a quarter circle move.