How do you make fondant LEGO bricks without mold?

How to make flat Lego bricks without molds

  1. I made a rectangle with some red fondant.
  2. I marked the fondant with a drinking straw.
  3. I made as many small disks as needed, using the drinking straw.
  4. I sticked the disks onto the strong marked circles., with some food glue.
  5. In a few minutes you’re done!

How do they make LEGO molds?

Granules are heated to 450 degrees and then injected into the molds under 25 to 150 tons of pressure for about 7 seconds before they are released to cool on a running conveyor belt. If you want to watch the plastic injection molding process in action, check out this video of the LEGO manufacturing process.

Can you make resin Legos?

Here are the step by step directions for making these super cool resin legos! They are super fun to make, exremely hypnotizing to look at and are fairly easy to make. -Start by getting some Epoxy resin (ours is from Art Resin) and mix according to the directions on the package.

Can you make fondant Lego bricks without a mold?

Here’s an easy way to make fondant LEGO bricks — both thick and thin fondant LEGO blocks — with no special LEGO mold required. It’s fast and easy to crank out a whole bunch of fondant LEGO bricks in a couple hours (and even faster if you purchase colored fondant; I usually buy white fondant and color it myself).

What are the best fondant bricks to use on cakes?

The thinner DIY fondant bricks work really well on the sides of cakes. This post contain affiliate links which means that products I recommend may give me a nominal commission at no extra cost to you.

What can I use to tint white fondant gray?

I used thin bricks on the side of Elise’s LEGO Friends birthday cake. Use the teeniest bit of black food coloring to tint your white fondant gray. Seriously, use just a little bit.

How do I Clean my Lego base plate?

Start by washing your LEGO baseplate with soapy water and a scrub brush and letting it dry absolutely completely, like overnight. Be sure there’s no dish towel fuzz on the clean base plate.