Why is Malinga bowling style different?

In the modern game, the Sri Lankan pace bowler Lasith Malinga has a very distinctive action which is authentic roundarm. This has earned him the name “Slinga Malinga”. There are some who question the legality of this action, but it is legal, because his arm does not straighten from a bent position as he bowls.

What type of bowling does Malinga do?

Lasith Malinga

Personal information
Bowling Right-arm fast
Role Bowler
International information
National side Sri Lanka (2004–2020)

Was Malinga a good bowler?

Lasith Malinga is considered one of the best fast bowlers in cricket history. He is known as ‘Slinga Malinga. ‘ for his unique round-arm action. Lasith Malinga made his international debut in Test cricket against Australia in 2004 and impressed the great Australian team by bagging six wickets in the match.

Why is Malinga bowling action not illegal?

A bowler’s action is considered invalid if he bends his elbow or wrist beyond the specified degrees as mentioned by the rules of the ICC specified for fast bowlers and spinners. Lasith Malinga does not bend any of these. It is his arm that comes at a 90 degree bend which is permissible under the law.

What is the bowling speed of Lasith Malinga?

His fastest delivery is 155.7 kmph bowled against New Zealand. Lasith Malinga or Slinga Malinga gets his speed from his slingy action which sends the ball at very high-speed with swing. He is known to have a great slower ball as well and an excellent inswinging yorker to boot for.

What is the bowling speed of Malinga?

Moreover, his bowling speed 140 km/hour. Malinga’s bowling career and the latest news In fact, his batting style is the right-handed batsman and also bowling system right-arm fast medium bowler. Basically, he is one of the most important cricketers of the Sri Lankan.

What makes Malinga’s round-arm bowling action unique?

Malinga has said that his unique round-arm bowling action was a result of learning to play cricket exclusively with a tennis ball. Typically, younger bowlers are encouraged to deliver the ball with their arm near vertical to remove or reduce direction variables.

What does Slinga Malinga stand for?

Separamadu Lasith Malinga ( Sinhala: සෙපරමාදු ලසිත් මාලිංග; born 28 August 1983) is a Sri Lankan cricketer. He bowls right-arm fast, is commonly used as a specialist death bowler, and is well known for his distinctive round-arm action, sometimes referred to as a sling action, which leads to his nicknames, ‘Slinga Malinga’.

Is there any one like Malinga now?

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