What is a 162 in the Army?

The eMILPO AAA-162 (Unit Personnel Accountability Report)will be the baseline document forthis PAl. Additionally, Program Executive Officers, Prolect Managers, Product Managers and Directors will ensure that all Soldiers are receivino their deserved pay by initialing the Unit Commanders Finance Report.

What does MRC3 mean?

Medical Readiness Category 3
MRC3 Chart The MRC3 (Medical Readiness Category 3) option displays the percentage of Soldiers in each DL (Deployment Limiting) category within the selected region. MRC3 Soldiers are comprised of MRC3A and MRC3B Soldiers.

How long is the PRM process?

The PRM program requires that all PRM exams be completed within a 2 year period. The period begins with the date of the first successful exam. For some candidates, this 2-year period may extend beyond the exam authorization period.

What is a unit manning report?

The Unit Manning Report, often referred to as the Unit Manning Roster is quite perhaps the most important personnel document a small unit leader can use to track the readiness of their unit. It provides both a snapshot and an in depth analysis of the personnel strength of an Army Unit.

What is Pai army?

What is the objective of a Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI)? AR 600-8-6(5) (2)? A2. The objective of the PAI is to maintain timely, error-free strength reporting, and to involve Commanders at all levels in the strength accounting and reporting process.

What is the total Army family plan?

The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) program provides a mechanism for all demographics who comprise the Army’s global force–Soldiers (Active Army and Reserve Components), retirees, DA civilians, and family members, including survivors, to identify quality of life that impact the Total Army Family.

What is Pulhes in army?

PULHES is an acronym for physical capacity/stamina (P), upper extremities (U), lower extremities (L), hearing and ears (H), eyes (E), and psychiatric (S). PULHES includes numbers from one to four. For brevity, a code of 1 or 2 means that the Soldier can deploy, and a 3 or 4 means that the Soldier cannot deploy.

What does DL5 mean army?

DL5: Perm profile indicating a MEB. DL6: Perm profile indicating a Non-Duty related PEB. DL7: Perm profile with a deployment /assignment restriction code (F,V,X)

What should be attached to the aaa-162 form?

(3) Following the AAA-162, in sequential order, attach appropriate supporting documents for anyone reported other than present for duty. Note: Memorandums are not proper forms of documentation for a PAI. (4) Unit commanders will validate the AAA-162, document results and

What does aaa-165 stand for?

also print the AAA-165 (Unit Personnel Accountability Notices Report), along with obtaining a deviation report pertaining to their unit from the PAS. (3) The unit must resolve any AAA-162 errors, AAA-165 entries and deviation records pertaining to the unit. Commanders are responsible for researching Soldiers

What is the correct order to reconcile the aaa-162 and Pai?

AAA-162 printed prior to the PAI, the AAA-162 used when conducting the PAI, and the final reconciled AAA-162); all supporting documents, in sequential order of the AAA- 162; two AAA-165s (the AAA-165 printed prior to the PAI and the one printed during

How do I reconcile a aaa-162 with DA Form 3986?

Form 3986, and attach the previous two AAA-162s with all supporting documents, AAA- 165s, and completed DA Form 3986 for the commander’s signature. Note : Supporting documents are to be in sequential order of the AAA-162. e. Certify: (1) Unit commanders will verify and sign the reconciled AAA-162, which reflects