What does it mean when someone is an addict?

a person who has become physically or psychologically dependent on a chemical substance: a drug addict. a person with an uncontrolled compulsion to continue engaging in an activity despite suffering negative personal or professional consequences: treatment programs for sex addicts and pathological gamblers.

How do you say drug addiction in a nice way?

drug addict

  1. addict.
  2. drug user.
  3. junkie.
  4. user.
  5. burnout.
  6. dopehead.
  7. doper.
  8. drug abuser.

What are some examples of manipulative behavior in addiction?

Here are a few examples of manipulative behaviors an addict might use to get what they want: They may go to one family member to ask for money or other favors. They may cause arguments between siblings or friends, only so they can serve as the mediator and pretend to be the peacemaker.

How do addicts manipulate loved ones?

Addicts manipulate loved ones by playing on their emotions and connections, as well as the knowledge that the person loves them and is scared of what might happen if the addiction continues to go unchecked. Some common signs of manipulation include the following.

Do you push a manipulative person with addiction to enroll in treatment?

This compassion on your part may be part of the push a manipulative person with addiction needs to enroll in a treatment program. If someone in your life is wrestling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, helping them find effective treatment can be a worrying challenge.

Are drug cravings justifications for manipulative behavior?

Their intense cravings are justification for manipulative behaviors. Addiction is characterized by an uncontrollable physical and psychological need for drugs, making it hard for a person to resist using, despite the consequences.