What degree is a pitching wedge Cobra?

Pitching Wedge – 42.5°

What loft is a king cobra pitching wedge?

Pitching Wedge – 44° – Component No Longer Available. Gap Wedge – 49° – Component No Longer Available.

What degree is the Cobra F max pitching wedge?

45 Degree
Cobra F-Max SuperLite Wedge Pitching 45 Degree Womens Used Golf Club at GlobalGolf.com.

Does Cobra make a sand wedge?

If you are looking for a sand wedge with different grind options to help tailor your game to your skillset, Cobra has you covered as there are three to choose from including versatile, classic, and wide low selections.

Who makes Cobra wedges?

ADD MORE BITE TO YOUR WEDGE GAME. The KING COBRA Wedge features a new SNAKEBITE Groove design that is engineered with sharper and deeper grooves to maximize spin and fittingly produce more ‘BITE’ around the greens.

Are Cobra wedges forged?

Introduction. The Cobra KING MIM (Metal Injection Molded) wedge introduces a unique manufacturing process which, according to Cobra, results in a “more even grain structure than forged and cast wedges” and softer feel. The company has garnered plenty of praise for recent products like its drivers and one length irons.

What is Cobra F-max?

The Cobra F-Max Airspeed lineup of woods and irons build on a heritage of providing easy-to-hit, affordable designs for moderate speed golfers.

What year did the Cobra F-Max Irons come out?

Building off the success of the original F-MAX irons which debuted in 2017, the 2018 Cobra F-MAX men’s and women’s Superlite irons feature incredibly light-weight technologies and designs that provide more club speed, distance and easier launch than ever before.

Does Cobra make a lob wedge?

Cobra Lob Wedges – 60°

What are Cobra’s S3 Irons?

In terms of where the S3 irons sit in Cobra’s lineup – I’d call them a game improvement iron; slotted between the Super Game Improvement S3 Max, and the transitional S2 Forged. Like the S3 Max, the standard S3 are available in a standard iron set (4-GW) and a hybrid/iron set (4-6 Hybrid, 7-GW).

How do I find the Snake/Cobra/iron/LW logo?

Snake logo in black on back in lower corner at toe. Cobra on hosel. Iron # on toe. Note: 3 iron and LW are not available in left handed.

How accurate are the Cobra S3s?

A-level grades for accuracy are nearly unheard of, which is the number 1 reason why the Cobra S3s have proven to be one of the biggest surprises of the season. One one of our testers, put up a lowly 85 (it’s actually a good-enough score), the majority of our other testers ranged from 89-91, while low handicap golfer, Dan, posted over a 95.

What is the Cobra S3 driver E9 technology?

Just like the S3 driver, they feature what Cobra calls E9 technology, which introduces the concept of sweet zone (bigger than a sweet spot) to maximize performance across the part of the face where golfers tend to actually make contact with the golf ball.