How much is a Goldie painting worth?

Goldie died in 1947, but his pieces regularly sell for record prices: His 1918 painting Kapi Kapi an Arawa Chieftainess, estimated to fetch $260,000, sold for $456,800 at auction in 2018.

Was Goldie a Maori?

By 1904 Goldie was considered the leading portrait painter of Māori, and was renowned for his technical brilliance. However, he had his detractors – some critics believed his work was repetitive and lacked vitality. They also condemned his practice of painting from photographs.

How many Goldie paintings are there?

The collection of 19 paintings in the Auckland City Art Gallery includes gifts from Goldie’s patrons and their descendants, as well as from the artist and his family. The two ‘Ranfurly’ pictures of 1903 are now in the collection of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington.

Who did CF Goldie paint?

Around the turn of the century, Goldie turned to serious portraiture, painting members of his family, prominent Auckland businessmen and the first of the Maori portraits since his return from Paris. One 1901 work is of the elderly William Swanson of west Auckland.

Where are the Goldie paintings?

Many Goldies are held in public collections, including those at the Auckland Art Gallery, the Auckland Institute and Museum, and the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Some descendants of Maori represented in Goldie’s paintings object to them being sold as prints.

What techniques did CF Goldie use?

Goldie was much admired for his technique, which was characterised by meticulous attention to detail. He would start his portraits by making a detailed charcoal sketch. He then shaded areas in, with a limited palette of light red, yellow ochre and white, mixing basic pigments to make his characteristic colours.

Which well known and controversial painter son of the mayor of Auckland is famous for his detailed drawings of Maori wearing moko?

Richard John Frizzell MNZM (born 1943) is a New Zealand artist known for his pop art paintings and prints. His work often features Kiwiana iconography combined with motifs from Māori art traditions, such as the tiki and tā moko. He is based in Auckland.

Who is Otis Frizzell?

Otis Frizzell (1971- ) entered public life in his late teens as half of popular hip hop duo MC OJ and Rhythm Slave. (Frizzell is also the son of popular New Zealand painter Dick Frizzell). Otis has more than 20 years of public graffiti art experience and is New Zealand’s highest profile graffiti artist.

Who is Otis Frizzell father?

Dick Frizzell

Dick Frizzell MNZM
Born August 20, 1943
Alma mater Ilam School of Fine Arts
Style Pop
Children Otis Frizzell

Who is Weston Frizzell?

Weston Frizzell is the collaborative identity of artists Otis Frizzell and Mike Weston. Individually and in collaboration, while drawing from a broad pool of influences, their work is unashamedly pop . Their work as Weston Frizzell has shaped an art brand that is a distillation of the kiwi psyche in a global context.

Where was Frizzell born?

Auckland, New ZealandDick Frizzell / Place of birth

Who is Fishmob?

The home of iconic New Zealand art prints – Fishmob – Iconic NZ art prints. Circular art discs. Ready to hang art discs fabricated right here in NZ.

Can we print Maori portraits by Charles Frederick Goldie?

Faced with the dwindling supply of prints of paintings by Charles Frederick Goldie we were talking in the office today about the problems publishers of prints are having with the publication of Maori portraits that are held in some major New Zealand public galleries. For a long time paintings of Maori subjects have been reproduced as prints.

How many CF Goldie paintings are available to purchase?

Currently we have 18 prints of CF Goldie paintings available to purchase. Charles Frederick Goldie (1870-1947), born in Auckland, was already winning art prizes at the age of 15. He studied in Paris before returning to New Zealand in 1898.

Why is John Goldie important to Maori history?

He studied in Paris before returning to New Zealand in 1898. He is best known for his meticulous portraits of Maori men and women, despite also painting non-Maori and Biblical scenes. Goldie thought he was recording for posterity the Maori people, unfortunately then seen as “a dying race”.

What is CFC Goldie famous for?

C. F. Goldie. Charles Frederick Goldie OBE (20 October 1870 – 11 July 1947) was a New Zealand artist, best known for his portrayal of Māori dignitaries.