How do I get my pay stubs from Heartland Payroll?

Your Check History is a listing of all checks recorded for you in the Heartland system. To view and/or print, first select the check date from the list at the top. The selected pay stub preview will show beneath. Select the View/Print Pay Stub button that is located to the top right of the pay stub preview.

Is there an app for Heartland Payroll?

Empower Your People With the free Heartland Time mobile app, employees have a convenient way to view their schedules, time clock punches and PTO balance from anywhere.

Does Heartland Payroll integrate with QBO?

In addition to workers’ compensation, time and attendance, 401(k) and point of sale solutions, Heartland also integrates with general ledger and accounting platforms like Quickbooks Online.

Where do I find my client code for Heartland Payroll?

Client Code: Enter the Client Code provided in the welcome email that you received. The Client Code is usually an 8 character combination of letters and numbers.

Where is Heartland Payroll located?

Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. is a payroll and credit card services company. Corporate headquarters for Heartland Payment Systems are located in Princeton, NJ.

How do I set up direct deposit with Heartland Payroll?

Update Your Instant Deposit Schedule

  1. Log in to Heartland InfoCentral.
  2. Tap Schedule Instant Deposit button.
  3. Tap Funds Transfer Schedule.
  4. Choose your new schedule.
  5. Tap Save.

What is my client code for Heartland Payroll?

The Client Code is usually an 8 character combination of letters and numbers. Forgot Password: Click the “Forgot Password” link to reset your password by verifying the security challenge questions answered at registration.

How do I get my client code for Heartland Payroll?

Once your activation has been completed, visit to access your Self-Service account. Client Code: Make note of the 8 character (often alphanumeric) Client Code in your welcome email. You will need to enter this code to access Self-Service each time you log in. Write down the “Client Code”.

How many payroll clients does heartland have?

We know, because we’re entrepreneurs too. That’s why Heartland is committed to being the complete technology solution for growing small businesses. It’s why over 750,000 customers trust us to provide the financial technology to make money, move money, manage employees and engage their customers.

How do I email heartland?

Stay Connected & Get in Touch

  1. Payment Processing. 24/7 Customer Support: 888-963-3600.
  2. Payroll. Customer Support: 877-729-2968.
  3. Micropayment. Customer Support: 800-332-4835.
  4. Heartland Register. Product Support: 866-646-7648.
  5. Heartland Gift. Product Support: 866-402-8056.

What is Heartland payroll?

Heartland offers a comprehensive payroll running service that takes all the employee data during the initial setup, and automatically generates payroll for all employees on the pre-set time. The system also records payroll, and runs and sends personalized reports to the concerned personnel.

How do I login to the heartland employee self-service?

Desktop Site: Heartland Employee Login to the Self-Service (after account is activated) •Navigate to: •User name:Enter your email address that is connected to your Self-Service access. •Password:Enter the password you created during the activation process. o The password is case sensitive; be mindful of capitalization.

Does heartland work for workers compensation?

Since Heartland is an end-to-end payment system, it has all the features that a company would require for workers compensation. Furthermore, clients can have the payroll service customized to their specifications and the requirements of their workforce.

What can I do with Heartland HR?

Learn about Heartland HR. Easily track hours your employees work via manual punches, badges or biometric technologies. You can also build and monitor schedules, manage every aspect of paid time off, and create reports for labor, overtime, exceptions, absences and more. To find out more about Heartland Time, click here.