What is a musical defined as?

musical, also called musical comedy, theatrical production that is characteristically sentimental and amusing in nature, with a simple but distinctive plot, and offering music, dancing, and dialogue.

What does calling someone musical mean?

noun. Musical is defined as something related to music, or someone with an ear or fondness for music. When the bells of a church sound like beautiful music, this is an example of when they would be described as musical. A person who is a good singer is an example of someone who is musical.

What is a musical characteristic?

The five characteristics of music are sound (overtone, duration, amplitude, pitch, timbre), melody, rhythm, structure or form, expression, texture, and melody.

What are the main characteristics of musicals?

Musicals set out to entertain through a combination of:

  • catchy music in a popular style.
  • solo songs, duets, choruses and ensembles.
  • orchestra or band accompaniment.
  • spoken dialogue.
  • dance sequences, stage spectacles and magnificent costumes.

What are the example of musical play?

The definition of a musical play is a theater production with many songs and dances that provide the story. An example of a musical play is Hairspray.

What is a musical genre name?

Most popular music genres in 2020 So clearly the Pop genre was on top in 2020, but Hip Hop is also very popular followed by Latin, EDM (Dance/Electronic) , R&B and Rock. The top subgenres are pop, rap, dance pop, post-teen pop, pop rap, melodic rap, slap house, trap .. and there are much more subgenres.

What is the Best Musical?

– it gives depth to the song/music (a song without bass feels like there’s a hole in it) – you feel it more than you hear it – bass is what glues every “melodic” instruments (vocal, guitar, violin) to the rhythmic ones (drums)

What are the best musicals?

“K3G” as it’s also known, is an Indian Hindi-language musical about the challenges a family faces when their adopted son marries a girl from a lower caste. Yash is a billionaire and patriarch of a prominent Delhi family, whose adopted son Rahul goes off to study abroad and falls in love with a girl from a very different socioeconomic background.

What are some musical words?


  • Excite
  • Motivate
  • Speak
  • Refine
  • Describe
  • Stir
  • Celebrate
  • Heal
  • Connect
  • What is a successful musical?

    United States (Note,U.S.

  • Japan
  • Germany (Note,German certification-award-levels for singles before 1988 were: 500,000 for Gold and 1,000,000 for Platinum.)
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Canada (Canadian certification-award-levels for singles before February 1982 were: 75,000 for Gold and 150,000 for Platinum)
  • Brazil
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Spain