Where is Dale Farm based?

Northern Ireland
Dale Farm is a leading dairy product manufacturer in Northern Ireland, which is wholly owned by United Dairy Farmers, a co-operative of 2,500 farmers. Dale Farm has five plants in total, with three in Northern Ireland, one in Scotland and another in Cumbria.

Is Dale Farm only in Northern Ireland?

Dale Farm is a Northern Ireland headquartered dairy cooperative, owned by approximately 1,300 farmer members. Known for its award-winning range of milk, cheese, butter, ice creams and yogurts, the cooperative’s brands include Dale Farm, Dromona, Spelga, Mullin’s, Rowan Glen (Scotland) and Loseley (Great Britain).

Who owns Dromona butter?

Dale Farm
Margaret Canning. Northern Ireland’s biggest dairy co-op, Dale Farm, has reported a 3.8% jump in turnover to £524m for 2020. The farmer-owned business, which owns brands including Spelga yoghurt and Dromona cheese and butter, said group pre-tax profit was £8.2m for 2020, down 16% from £9.8m the year before.

Is Dale Farm still there?

Dale Farm is a six-acre plot of land on Oak Lane, near the A127 Southend Arterial road. Dale Farm has been subject to Green Belt controls since 1982. Next to the Dale Farm site there is an authorised Travellers’ site known as Oak Lane. This has council planning permission, and provides 34 legal pitches.

Where are the Dale Farm travellers now?

Despite the site being destroyed and residents being moved away, countless traveller families are still embedded in the Crays Hill community near Basildon. The families live on a legal traveller encampment, close to the site of a huge stand off between travellers, protesters, and police in 2011.

Who owns Dale Farm Northern Ireland?

United Dairy Farmers
Dale Farm is acquired by United Dairy Farmers, bringing the dairy brand under ownership of the cooperative.

Where is Dale Farm ice cream made?

And with Mullin’s ice cream, crafted in Kilrea from Irish milk and cream for almost 70 years, the Dale Farm dairy family is brimming over with goodness! Sharing goodness every day, well that’s the dale farm mission.

Where are the Dale Farm residents now?

Where is Dromona butter made?

The Dromona butter creamery is nestled on the banks of the river Maine in Cullybackey, County Antrim where we have been churning butter for over 60 years.

How much did Dale Farm eviction cost?

In 2012 Basildon Council confirmed that the Dale Farm eviction cost them £4.8 million.

Why were travellers evicted from Dale Farm?

Because they did not have planning permission, an epic ten year battle ensued with the council. In October 2011, the group were evicted at cost to the taxpayer of nearly £7million. Attempts to claw back some of the money spent failed last year in what was branded “slap in the face of taxpayer”.

Where can I find Dale Farm Ltd?

Modern Slavery Policy Dale Farm Ltd, Dale Farm House, 15 Dargan Road, Belfast, BT3 9LS. 02890 372 200 Registered in Northern Ireland. Registered No. NI025356

Why choose Dale Farm?

As a farmer-owned dairy cooperative with a rich heritage of family farming, Dale Farm puts farmers at the heart of everything we do. The success of our cooperative supports the success of our farmers’ businesses and those of the next generation. Stay up to date with your milk quality and volumes, as well as all the latest news from Dale Farm.

What is Dale Farm’s turnover?

Turnover is £500 million. Dale Farm is committed to adding sustainable value to its members milk through supply chain excellence, consumer led innovation and building added value positions in consumer and nutrition markets. The cooperative was formed in 1995.

What is the Dale Farm app?

The Dale Farm app is the best way to stay up to date with your milk quality and volumes, as well as all the latest news from Dale Farm.