What is State of California health Access Programs?

The HAP concept allows California residents to participate in State-funded special health care programs with one identification card. Providers are furnished with plastic, pre-numbered, teal-colored cards to distribute to clients at the time of their first service so there is no delay in care.

What is a health Access Program card?

What is a HAP Card? Once you become a Family PACT client, you will get a Health Access Programs (HAP) card. The HAP card is a teal blue card that shows that you qualify for Family PACT. Take it with you to each visit. Your HAP card is good for one year and will need to be renewed every year.

What is family PACT eligible?

Family PACT is only for family planning needs. So if you qualify, you must be able to get pregnant or cause a pregnancy. If you get pregnant, you will not be covered by Family PACT until you give birth, but your provider can check to see if you are eligible for Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women.

What does the green card from Planned Parenthood cover?

This program provides coverage for family planning-related health care including: Most FDA approved birth control methods, devices, and supplies including birth control pills, condoms, the patch, Nuvaring, IUDs and Nexplanon. Emergency contraception and follow-up care.

How much can you make to qualify for family PACT?

Family PACT Income Guidelines

Number of persons in family Monthly Income Annual Income
1 $2,147 $25,760
2 $2,903 $34,840
3 $3,660 $43,920
4 $4,417 $53,000

How do you qualify for a Planned Parenthood green card?

You must be enrolled in the Family PACT program to receive free services….Who is Eligible?

  1. The client must be a resident of California (have a California address).
  2. The client must have a gross family income at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL).

How can I see a doctor without insurance in California?

How to see a doctor without insurance

  1. Community health clinics. Community health clinics are likely available in your area.
  2. Walk-in clinics.
  3. Direct care providers.
  4. Hospital emergency room.
  5. Urgent care centers.

Can I use family pact if I have insurance?

Covered California Family PACT only covers family planning and related services, but you may have other health care needs. You may qualify for health care coverage from Covered California. Talk to your provider about Covered California and the options that could work for you.

How to contact California Department of Public Health?

Public Health. Physical Address. 11484 B Avenue. Auburn, CA 95603. 11484 B Avenue Auburn CA 95603. Directions. Phone: 530-889-7141. Fax: 530-889-7198. Toll Free Phone: 1-800-829-7198.

How to get Medicaid in California?

– Payment Limit Demonstrations – Disproportionate Share Hospitals – Medicaid Administrative Claiming – State Budget & Expenditure Reporting for Medicaid and CHIP – Provider Preventable Conditions – Actuarial Report on the Financial Outlook for Medicaid – Section 223 Demonstration Program to Improve Community Mental Health Services

How much does medical insurance cost in California?

California residents can expect to pay an average of $487 per person* for a major medical individual health insurance plan.How much does health insurance cost in California? Metal Level Average Monthly Premium* Bronze $486 Silver $557 Gold $715 Platinum $942.

How to apply for Medicaid in ca?

How to Apply for California Medicaid For more information or to apply for a long-term care Medicaid program, one can contact their local county Department of Social Services office . One can also apply for Medi-Cal online at Covered California or by calling 1-800-300-1506.