Is it hard to get an AFROTC scholarship?

Air Force ROTC Probably the second “easiest” scholarship to win. For the academic year 2018-2019, more than 5,000 high school senior applications for the scholarship were reviewed. About 2,300 applicants were awarded a scholarship.

How much is the Air Force ROTC scholarship?

Pays up to $18,000 per year in college tuition and authorized fees at any public or private institution with an Air Force ROTC detachment. Scholarship payment is further capped at $9,000 per semester or $6,000 per quarter.

How do I know if I got the AFROTC scholarship?

After you submit your application, you will be notified via email of your eligibility status. If you have not heard anything within six weeks, contact AFROTC at 866-423-7682 or email your scholarship technician.

What is a Type 7 AFROTC scholarship?

Type 7 Scholarship: This covers tuition equivalent to a public college or university’s in-state tuition rate and a book allowance for four years. This scholarship can be converted to a three-year Type 2 scholarship at qualifying colleges and universities beginning in the fall of the student’s sophomore year.

Do you get paid while in AFROTC?

Stipends. All cadets receive a monthly stipend to assist with living expenses once they contract with the Air Force, which occurs at the start of their junior year or when they activate a scholarship. Stipends are $300-500 a month depending on the cadet’s year in the AFROTC program.

Will Air Force ROTC pay for college?

Air Force ROTC offers several opportunities for scholarships which can cover up to full tuition and include a book allowance and monthly stipend. High school students may apply for the High School Scholarship Program and cadets in the ROTC program will be able to compete for the In College Scholarship Program.

What is a Type 7 Afrotc scholarship?

When should I apply for Afrotc scholarship?

Applications to apply for an Air Force ROTC scholarship start the summer before your senior year. The application window is open from around 1 June – 15 January. The application involves submitting test scores, grades, and an interview at a local Air Force ROTC detachment.

Do AFROTC cadets get paid?

What is the Air Force ROTC high school scholarship program?

The purpose of the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (AFROTC) High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) is to provide an incentive to attract, recruit, and retain a diverse, intellectual, and leadership-focused talent pool of high school seniors and high school graduates with no full-time college experience.

How do I apply for an AFROTC scholarship?

All applicants must be interviewed by an AFROTC detachment official or a United States Air Force Academy Air Liaison Officer (USAFA ALO) prior to being considered for a scholarship. Eligible applicants will be assigned to a detachment nearest their home of record as indicated on the application.

What is Air Force ROTC?

Offered at more than 1,100 colleges and universities across the country, Air Force ROTC develops the leaders of tomorrow by preparing students to become officers in the U.S. Air Force while earning a college degree.

Why should I join AFROTC?

In AFROTC, you’ll not only build lifelong friendships, but you may also have the opportunity to pay for school through our scholarship programs. Most importantly, unlike many other college students, you’ll have a rewarding career waiting for you after graduation.