How do I sell my old computer?

You have a few different options for selling or trading in your old PC. You can list and sell it yourself on services such as eBay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, but be prepared to field questions and haggle with potential buyers who will surely try to convince you to give them the best deal possible.

What do I do with my old computer UK?

However, there are a number of ways you can dispose of your computer:

  1. Recycle: Your local recycling centre may be able to take it.
  2. Sell it: If your PC still works, you can list it on sites like eBay.
  3. Donate it: Charities like Computer Aid International refurbish your old computer and send them to developing countries.

What can I do with old motherboard?

9 Ways to Recycle Old Computer Motherboards

  1. Bookmark. An old motherboard can be cut into strips that you can use as bookmarks.
  2. Jewelry from Old Motherboards.
  3. Place Mats.
  4. Drinks Coaster.
  5. Christmas Decorations.
  6. Motherboard Keyrings.
  7. Floor and Wall Tiles.
  8. Wall-hanging Motherboard Art.

What parts of a computer are worth money?

Computer CPU’s (processors) have the most precious metal value by weight, followed by Memory (RAM) & Circuit Board Fingers / Connectors / Pins, then Circuit Boards (Motherboards), then cables / wires, with hard drives & whole computers being last.

What karat gold is in electronics?

Most gold in electronic parts is 24 or 22 karat. Karatage measures the purity of gold, starting at 24 with 99.9 percent purity. This purity is the most expensive, but it’s also less dense and isn’t useful in most jewelry. The material is used in medical devices as well as consumer electronics.

Where can I Sell my old computer parts?

eBay, meanwhile, doesn’t readily have best seller information available, but its Computer Components & Parts page covers the full gamut, including CPUs, GPUs, storage, motherboards, cooling equipment and sound cards. Craigslist, of course, is local. So what’s in demand will depend on your specific geography.

Who buys old computer parts?

Amazon Renewed. Amazon Renewed has a similar structure to a brick-and-mortar store which sells pre-owned and refurbished laptops,but with one key difference: they don’t have a dedicated team of

  • Apple Certified Refurbished.
  • Facebook Marketplace.
  • OfferUp.
  • Craigslist.
  • How to safely recycle or sell your old computer?

    – Open Settings. – Click on Update & Security. – Click on Recovery. – Under the Reset this PC section, click the Get started button. – Click the Remove everything button. – Click the Change settings option. – Turn on the Data erasure toggle switch. – Click the Confirm button. – Click the Next button. – Click the Reset button.

    Where is the best place to sell an old laptop?

    Gazelle. Gazelle has been around for over 10 years – you may remember their commercials being all over television some five years back.

  • eBay. Some of the best places to sell your used laptop online are those golden oldie websites that’ve been around for over 20 years – one of the most
  • Amazon.
  • Gadget Salvation.
  • Craigslist.
  • LetGo.
  • Mac Me an Offer.