Does Infinity foot pedal working with Express Scribe?

The latest version, which I bought in April (waited to see how it did before writing about it) is compatible with the Pro version of Express Scribe.

What foot pedal works with Express Scribe?

Express Scribe Transcription Software

Controller Description
AltoEdge USB Foot Pedal USB foot pedal with three pedals
Wireless Transcription Foot Pedal Wireless foot pedal with three pedals
VEC Infinity IN-USB-1 / IN-USB-2 USB foot pedal with three pedals
vPedal vP-1 (USB) USB foot pedal with three pedals

Is Express Scribe no longer free?

Yes. We make this software free with the hope you will like it so much you might come back and try some of our many other programs. There are absolutely no restrictions in this version of the program.

How do I get my Infinity foot pedal to work?

Plug the IN-USB-1 or IN-USB-2 foot pedal directly into an open USB port on your PC. The foot pedal will be recognized automatically as long as your PC has full USB support. Installing the IN-USB-1 or IN-USB-2 on Windows 98: The Add New Hardware window will prompt you to install the drivers for the new device.

How much does Express Scribe cost?

Your Software

Select the Software you Need Normal Price Discount Price
Express Scribe Professional Unrestricted Professional License $80 $59.95*
Express Scribe Basic Standard Edition $70 $49.99*

Why do transcribers use foot pedals?

In your transcribing job, transcription foot pedals are necessary to pause, rewind, and fast forward audio recordings. This means you can use keystrokes for standard typing and not have to worry about additional “hotkey” commands to control audio functions. Using fewer keystrokes also improves your turnaround time.

Can you use a foot pedal with a laptop?

Can You Use A Foot Pedal With A Laptop? The most popular foot pedal models can transcription commonly used file formats, such as mp3 and. Additionally, such pedals have a USB port connection, so that they can be linked directly to your laptop or PC, allowing you to configure the controls once the software is installed.

Is the Infinity USB foot pedal compatible with express scribe pro?

I just bought an Infinity usb foot pedal and cannot get it to work. I also bought the Express Scribe Pro software, the 5.69 version. On the web page of NCH it shows the footpedal that I have and states that it is compatiable with the pro version.

Why should I use the Infinity transcription pedal?

Why you should use the Infinity pedal: The Infinity pedal is widely used by professional transcriptionists due to its reliability and compatibility with almost all digital transcription software, including Express Scribe Pro, The FTW Transcriber, InqScribe, and many other programs.

Will the Philips acc2330 transcription foot pedal work with express scribe pro?

If you want to use the ACC2330 as a standard three-button transcription foot pedal, you can do this by locking the middle pedal in place. I reached out to the good people at Philips, and they let me know the pedal works well with popular third-party transcription software, including Express Scribe Pro and The FTW Transcriber.

What is this express scribe transcription kit?

This Express Scribe transcription kit Combined a heavy duty USB foot Pedal (IN-USB-2) and Express Scribe Professional Transcription Software (Digital Download, NO CD INCLUDED). A typist can install express scribe on their computer and control audio playback using the foot pedal.