Who is on the cover of The Stormlight Archive books?

The Stormlight Archive

The official series logo drawn by Isaac Stewart.
The Way of Kings (2010) Words of Radiance (2014) Oathbringer (2017) Rhythm of War (2020)
Cover artist Michael Whelan
Country United States
Genre Fantasy

Who is on the cover of Words of Radiance?

SHALLAN. Many fans were dismayed when Tor revealed the art for Words of Radiance. Brandon had mentioned that Shallan would be the focus of the book, but the cover featured Kaladin and Szeth.

Which character is on the cover of Oathbringer?

Answer: Very likely. The giant depicted in the cover is most likely a “Thunderclast,” as it matches the description of a similar monster from a vision Dalinar has had in a previous book. Thunderclasts are created when a Voidbringer gathers material around their body.

Who is on the cover of Rhythm of War?

The cover is by the always magnificent Michael Whelan! My involvement this time around was a little unique. For Oathbringer (book three in the series), I was commissioned to paint a couple of the Heralds (a group of epic characters in the series).

How is Brandon Sanderson so prolific?

Sanderson isn’t just prolific by sheer volume of published works; his novels, short stories, and novellas are also dense with meticulously-detailed magic systems, enormous casts of interesting characters, rich worlds with deep histories, and intricate plots that layer on the complexity page-by-page.

Where are the Parshendi from?

The listeners, called the Parshendi by the Alethi, are a group of singers on Roshar. Prior to the True Desolation, they lived on eastern Roshar, near the Shattered Plains. During the War of Reckoning, they inhabited the city of Narak.

Will there be a fifth Stormlight archive?

The fifth book of The Stormlight Archive is an especially exciting one, because it will mark the end of the first arc of the long-running series. Sanderson has said that he has 10 books total planned for The Stormlight Archive, with a major conclusion happening in the fifth book.

Is Shallan on the cover of Rhythm of War?

Rhythm of War — the fourth book in The Stormlight Archive — finally has a cover! It’s kind of crazy, but after three books, one of the main three characters has yet to grace the cover of a novel. In fact, even in the novel where she was the focus, Shallan Davar was not on the cover.