How do I get out of the sewers eso?

Go through your Alliance’s home base to the “Exit” door in the Imperial Sewers or enter the Imperial City Prison or White-Gold Tower Dungeons.

Is PvP forced in eso?

Elder Scrolls Online does not force you to fight against others and you will not have to visit Ctrodiil in your quests. PvP is not an obligation and you can enjoy PvE content in other provinces without necessity to protect yourself. Nobody can attack you outside of Cyrodiil.

How do I get to the Imperial sewers eso?

The sewers can be entered via one of three gates located at Cyrodiil’s Lake Rumare. Complete the Imperial City Quest. Speak first with your alliance’s general, and then to the Drake of Blades. Once the quest is completed, the Imperial City can be entered.

How can I leave IMP city?

To exit and leave Imperial City in ESO, all you need to do is go into the sewers of your Alliance’s home base. From there, find the “exit” door and walk through it. That’s it. That’s the easiest way to get out of Imperial City.

Where is the imperial sewers ESO?

The Imperial City Sewers is an additional PvPvE zone located directly underneath the Imperial City and is accessible once the Imperial City DLC has been downloaded by the player. Entry is granted by 3 sewer gates in Cyrodill, directly around the Imperial City.

What is the best class for PvP in ESO?

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Nightblade is considered by some to be the best PvP class ESO offers, though there are plenty of skills that make it decent as a Support PvP party member too.

How do battlegrounds work in ESO?

Battlegrounds are small-scale player-versus-player (PvP) gameplay that originally launched with the Morrowind chapter of ESO, but are now available to all players. Each battleground features a three-sided team setup with four players in each team, and you are able to queue up individually or in pre-formed groups.

How do I get back to the sewers in Imperial City?

The only ways to get back to the sewer safe zone if one has left the rally point is to use one of the ladders on the edges of the district, which connect to deeper parts of the sewers, and then walk back to the alliance base, or to use a Sigil of Imperial Retreat.

What DLC is Craglorn?

Accept the quest they give you, and eventually, you will enter Craglorn. Unlike Imperial City and Wrothgar, you don’t need to get any DLC in order to go to Craglorn; it’s available as a part of the base game.

What do I do with Tel var stones?

Tel Var Stones are the currency used in the Imperial City to purchase gear, crafting materials, and other items.