Which of the following is a main purpose of a Sprint Backlog?

The main purpose of the Sprint Backlog is to provide the Scrum Team (and other stakeholders) with full transparency of the work being done during the Sprint.

What is the purpose of backlog?

A backlog is a list of tasks required to support a larger strategic plan. For example, a product development context contains a prioritized list of items. The product team agrees to work on these projects next. Typical items on a product backlog include user stories, changes to existing functionality, and bug fixes.

What is the main purpose of the Sprint Backlog quizlet?

For the Team to manage the work in the current Sprint. For the Product Owner to collect Stories for the product that may be done in later Sprints. They should have a broad ability to work everywhere but should have deep knowledge in their specialty. The PO should continuously groom the backlog.

What is the purpose of the Nexus Sprint Backlog?

A Nexus Sprint Backlog is the composite of the Nexus Sprint Goal and Product Backlog items from the Sprint Backlogs of the individual Scrum Teams. It is used to highlight dependencies and the flow of work during the Sprint. The Nexus Sprint Backlog is updated throughout the Sprint as more is learned.

What is the main purpose of sprint planning meeting?

The purpose of sprint planning is to define what can be delivered in the sprint and how that work will be achieved. Sprint planning is done in collaboration with the whole scrum team.

What is the main purpose of a sprint review choose the best answer?

The sprint review is one of the most important ceremonies in Scrum where the team gathers to review completed work and determine whether additional changes are needed. The official Scrum Guide describes it as a working session and makes the point that the “Scrum team should avoid limiting it to a presentation.”

What is a sprint backlog?

A sprint backlog is a list of work items your team plans to complete during a project sprint. These items are usually pulled from the product backlog during the sprint planning session. A clear sprint backlog prevents scope creep by clarifying exactly what your team will be doing—and not doing—during each sprint.

What is the purpose of the product backlog choose one?

A product backlog is a list of the new features, changes to existing features, bug fixes, infrastructure changes or other activities that a team may deliver in order to achieve a specific outcome. The product backlog is the single authoritative source for things that a team works on.

What is the main purpose of a sprint review quizlet?

Terms in this set (13) A Sprint Review is held at the end of the Sprint to inspect the Increment and adapt the Product Backlog if needed. During the Sprint Review, the Scrum Team and stakeholders collaborate about what was done in the Sprint.

What are Scrum values?

The Five Scrum Values A team’s success with scrum depends on five values: commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect.

What is Nexus Sprint?

The Nexus Sprint planning event is used to plan, coordinate and align the work to be done by the Scrum Teams in the current Sprint. It is another opportunity to identify and eliminate or reduce dependencies between Product Backlog Items so Scrum Teams can plan and work on them independently.

What does Sprint Backlog contain?

Learn About the Scrum Artifact: Sprint Backlog As described in the Scrum Guide, the Sprint Backlog is composed of the Sprint Goal (why), the set of Product Backlog items selected for the Sprint (what), as well as an actionable plan for delivering the Increment (how).