Where is the liver located on the body?

Your liver is located on the right side of your body in the upper right abdomen below your ribcage. The liver is one of the largest internal organs in your body and its main function is to filter blood and remove toxins. Your liver also plays an important role in your digestive system. Liver pain can be felt in the upper right abdomen or on

What is liver physiology?

Physiology, Liver – StatPearls – NCBI Bookshelf The liver is a critical organ in the human body that is responsible for an array of functions that help support metabolism, immunity, digestion, detoxification, vitamin storage among other functions. It comprises around 2% of an adult’s body weight.

Where is the superficial lymphatic network in the liver?

The superficial network is located within the Glisson capsule with an anterior and posterior surface. The anterior surface primarily drains to phrenic lymph nodes via the bare area of the liver to join the mediastinal and internal mammary lymphatic networks.

What is the shape of the liver?

The liver is reddish-brown and shaped approximately like a cone or a wedge, with the small end above the spleen and stomach and the large end above the small intestine. The entire organ is located below the lungs in the right upper abdomen. It weighs between 3 and 3.5 pounds.

What quadrant is the liver located in?

The liver is situated in the upper right and left quadrants. Maximum part lies in the right quadrant. Hence, the pain related to liver disorders will mainly occur in the right upper quadrant. Image 2: Regions of Abdomen.

What causes pain in the right side of the liver?

Liver pain can be felt in the upper right abdomen or on the middle of the back and it can be caused by disease or infection that makes the liver swell. This article looks at the important functions that the liver has in the body.

What does the liver look like?

As it carries out several important functions in the body, the liver is considered as vital an organ as the heart and the brain. It is reddish-brown or pinkish-brown in color, and is shaped like a football (not to be confused with the soccer ball). It is uneven in size and shape, and is located in the abdominal area.

Can the liver repair itself after years of drinking?

The liver can repair itself even after years of drinking as long as the damage hasn’t progressed to cirrhosis. In this case, fatty liver disease and alcoholic hepatitis are reversible as long as you quit alcohol consumption and give your liver time to heal.

Can garlic help your liver?

You should incorporate more garlic in your diet to help keep your liver healthy and pain-free. Garlic and can help to destroy toxins that damage the liver due to its powerful medicinal properties. A review of the effect of garlic consumption and liver health found that garlic boosts liver function.