What is the anti derivative of tan x?

The standard result of the integration of tan x is ln|sec x| + C. The trigonometric function tan x is integrable and this standard result of the integration of tan x is remembered as a formula….Integration of Tan X.

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What is the anti derivative of tan Square X?

The formula for the integration of tan square x is tan x – x + C. We can determine the integral of tan2x using the trigonometric identities such as sin2x + cos2x = 1 and 1 + tan2x = sec2x.

What is the integration of tan y?

The integral of tan(y) with respect to y is ln(|sec(y)|) ln ( | sec ( y ) | ) .

What is integration of tan x dx?

∫ tan x = ln (sec x) + C. Answer. Thus the integration of tan x is ln|sec x| + C.

How do you use anti diff tan?

tan x = – ln|cos x| + C.

What is integration of tan2x?

The integral of tan 2x is (-1/2)ln |cos 2x| + C which can be calculated using the substitution method followed by integral of tan x formula or by expressing tan 2x in terms of sin and cos.

What is the derivative of tan 1?

Derivatives and differentiation expressions.

Expression Derivatives
y = cos-1(x / a) dy/dx = – 1 / (a2 – x2)1/2
y = tan-1(x / a) dy/dx = a / (a2 + x2)
y = cot-1(x / a) dy/dx = – a / (a2 + x2)
y = sec-1(x / a) dy/dx = a / (x (x2 – a2)1/2)

What is the integration of tan 2x?

What is the Integral of Tan^2x? The integral of tan^2x, that is, ∫tan2x dx is tan x – x + C.

How do you integrate tan x by substitution?

tan x = – ln|cos x| + C.

  1. Proof. Strategy: Make in terms of sin’s and cos’s; Use Substitution. tan x dx = sin x COs x. dx. set. u = COs x.
  2. Alternate Form of Result. tan x dx = – ln |COs x| + C. = ln | (COs x)-1 | + C. = ln |sec x| + C. Therefore: tan x dx = – ln |COs x| + C = ln |sec x| + C.

What is tangent derivative?

The derivative of tangent is secant squared and the derivative of cotangent is negative cosecant squared. Using this new rule and the chain rule, we can find the derivative of h(x) = cot(3x – 4).

How do you find the anti derivative?

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  • How to get antiderivative?

    ∫x n d x = x n+1 n+1+C {\\displaystyle\\int x^{n}\\mathrm {d} x= {\\frac {x^{n+1}} {n+1}}+C}

  • To verify that this power rule holds,differentiate the antiderivative to recover the original function.
  • The power rule holds for all functions of this form with degree n {\\displaystyle n} except when n = − 1. {\\displaystyle n=-1.} We will see why later.
  • How to find general antiderivative?

    Find the general antiderivative of a given function.

  • Explain the terms and notation used for an indefinite integral.
  • State the power rule for integrals.
  • Use antidifferentiation to solve simple initial-value problems.
  • Where is a tangent equal to zero?

    – the y -intercept of f. – the turning point of f. – the point where x = 4,25.