What is meant by the term Negritude?

Definition of negritude 1 : a consciousness of and pride in the cultural and physical aspects of African heritage. 2 : the state or condition of being a Black person.

Who defined negritude?

The term “Négritude” was coined by Césaire in his Cahier d’un retour au pays natal (Notebook of a Return to the Native Land, 1939) and it means, in his words, “The simple recognition of the fact that one is black, the acceptance of this fact and of our destiny as blacks, of our history and culture.” Even in its …

What is the ideology of negritude?

Negritude rehabilitates blacks from the European ideology that classifies them as inherently inferior to whites. By breaking the colonial “white/black” binary, negritude sought to reproduce the imaginary.

What are the impact of Negritude?

From a political standpoint, Negritude was an important aspect to the rejection of colonialism. Emerging at the cusp of African independence movements, Negritude made an impact on how the colonized viewed themselves. It also sparked and fed off of subsequent literary movements that were responding to global politics.

Why is black woman a Negritude poem?

Negritude literature set out to celebrate African culture and to reaffirm the pride of being of African heritage. Senghor’s poem “Black Woman” is a typical poem of the negritude literary movement in that it celebrates the beauty of Africa.

What is the persona saying in the last stanza of black woman?

The persona refers to the ‘woman’ as ‘…the Promised Land’ which is a biblical allusion to further stress the importance of the ‘woman’ to him.

Why is the color of the black woman glorified in the poem?

Expert Answers In this 1945 poem, the color of the black woman is glorified because it not only represents the beauty of African womanhood, it represents the beauty of Senghor’s home country, Senegal. Senghor is celebrating and exalting his native culture, which is black.

What is the poem black woman talking about?

The Black woman is one of the poems he used to depict the strength, beauty, and erotic nature of Africa and African women. The poem presents two sides of the African Black women; the physical erotic nature of the woman and the emotional caring mother.

What is the diction of the poem the black woman?

Diction. the poet uses choice of words to symbolized the beauty of the black woman. He deliberately uses words like nakedness, black and darkness which are seen as negative attributes to praise the natural beauty of the black woman. The poet is also challenging the African woman to appreciate her natural beauty.

What figure of speech is naked woman black woman?

There is also throughout the poem the repetition of the first line of the poem, “Naked woman, black woman,” or a variant of the line, “Naked woman, dark woman.” The nakedness of the woman, a personification of Africa, implies that she is natural and also proud to exist in her natural state.

What are the poetic devices in black woman?

The Black Woman are allusion, simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration, and onomatopoeia.